Little Granny Envelope bag

Granny envelope bagA new bag for spring, Ive called this the little granny envelope bag because its simply a large granny square with the corners folded in and fixed with a button to close. Cute and easy, just right for a few bits and pieces.

Granny envelope bagI lined it and sewed a piece of light webbing to the strap because I have another granny bag which really digs into my shoulder when I load it up. The strap is made in the same way as the crochet belt for you and me too pattern - starting with a double crochet row, before working around with single crochet and the picot edging.

Granny envelope bagThe granny square for this bag is 11 rounds… but it could be made in any size you like. Yum, lots of lovely granny goodness!

Granny envelope bagIf you’d like to make one and you’ve got a question just leave a comment and Ill try to help out. Hope you are having a great weekend! Janette xx

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80 thoughts on “Little Granny Envelope bag

  1. Love this bag. I came across your website a few weeks back when looking for ideas to make some belts for my daughter. You are very talented. I would love to try this and I agree with Liz, my list of projects just keeps getting longer!

  2. Hey, this looks so cute. I was wondering how long your square was before you folded it into the bag, and did you do a 3 dc into ch3 space and ch3 pattern? Thank you!

  3. I am currently making eight of these as little thank you gifts for the young ladies who are takin sg my knitting class through 4-H. The girls vary from seven to ten years old and this was the perfect gift to make that covered that variation. Each one is done in different colors so although they are alike they, too, are different. I just have the straps to finish and then they will get them the last week of school. I have made them out of rug yarn because a friend of mine gave me a 13 gallon black trash bag packed full of the stuff.

  4. Love this bag! I’m crocheting one now, but was wondering how you “sewed” the bottom and 2 sides of the bag together. Thanks!

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  6. Is there a written pattern for this or just have to follow the picture? I can’t seem to find it.

  7. Hi, I made the squares, look the picture, many times, but don’t know how to make look exact,.
    How many pieces, we should make, and how to do the four corners ? can you reply ….
    Sincerely thank you.

    • Hi Kym, you just make 1 big square, and fold the four corners in toward the centre. You sew three corners and their corresponding sides together, and leave the top unsewen as that is the flap to get into and out of the bag. Does that help? J

    • Deborah, I have made this over 20 times. I used her directions of the size of hook and yarn and then crocheted an 11 row granny square. That is sewn together point to point as in the photo above and the strap pattern is the crocheted belt pattern that is highlighted. it’s simple and it’s a great stash buster. Read the blog, all the directions are right there.

  8. I fell in love with this bag! In my crochet class this is the bag that we started today! I LOVE it! So easy and a great way to teach the children how to crochet!!

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    • Hi Kay, the lining is simply a square the same size as your bag. Oversew the edges so they dont fray, then sew the square into the same shape as your bag befor inserting it into the bag and hand sewing it in place. J

  10. HI! Such a cute little bag. I am definitely making one for my daughters! So glad to have found your website,. You’ve got lots of cute stuff here. Thanks so much for the freebies. :)

  11. I need a new purse. Saw this and fell in love. Did you do anything different to the last round to make the corners match? Mine are a little round.

  12. you wont believe it but it is true. I was just looking at your blog while I took a break from trying to dream up projects to give my students which are “what we can do with a granny square now that we have made one” and there it was. Fear not I will give credit where it is due and refer your weblog to them.

  13. I just wanted to let you know how much the girls have been enjoying and using the bags I made for them last year. I just want to thank you again for posting your pattern so that I could create something special for them for completing their knitting projects.

    • That is so lovely to hear- you must be happy that they love them too!! Do you have a class this year? Will you be making them all a gift too??

      • We started the class pictured in their second year two weeks ago. I have a new class beginning in Feb as well. So I haven’t decided if I will make the second year class another gift or not. It depends on what they accomplish this time around. Too soon to tell for the next class. Between teaching classes and i also run a non-profit for children that includes winter wear, design and sell items that helps fund the non-profit, there isn’t always as much time in the day as i would like.

  14. Love, love, love this!! My daughter is an eager recipient of many of projects (even the beginner ones that I cringe at!) I am going to make this for her for Christmas. Any helpful hints on how you attached the lining?

    • Just make sure it is big enough to overlock/serge the edges then fold under about 1/4″ before you attach (wrong side to wrong side). I hand sew, using little stitches that you can hardly see. Hope that helps, there are some sewing instructions on this post which might help.

  15. Katie me gusto mucho la bolsita tengo una hija en la universidad y ella adoro me enviarias el paso a paso de la receta agradecería mucho un abraso

  16. Hi! I need a little help. I’m making the bag for a cousin for Christmas. I’ve got most of it done, but I really love the flowers in the center and I was wondering if you had a pattern for them? Thanks! :)

  17. I love the bag (without strap) and I’ll tell you why. I have been searching everywhere for an envelope bag made from 4 granny squares to put in a pair of matching slippers made from 4 granny squares each. We want to make these for our local Hospice to give to patients. One of our ladies makes these but she cannot give us a pattern because she has none and writing it down is not her thing. So, I am trying to find an envelope pattern (like yours) and try to re-create these slippers in a pouch. No one on line does anything like what I am looking for. I do not see a pattern for your envelope purse on this site, did you post one? Many thanks.

  18. I love this so much I just finished making the granny bottom bag witch for that one you crochet to 2 yarns I was going to make a nother on but couldn’t because the skain of yarn I’m using does it have the 2 to yarns :( this on is only using 1 yarn right? My point is I was still wanting to make something with a granny square and now I can thanks :)

  19. Going to do this project in my crochet class. Sounds so easy. Love it thanks for sharing. One question where dini get the strap pattern?

  20. I made this bag in the sixties and lost the pattern—I was so happy to see it again! Can I use two strands of 4 ply instead of 8 ply yarn??? Thanks so much—Excited to make as a gift! Thanks

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  22. You posted this in 2011, so I’m a little slow on the draw. I found this on pintrest & am going to try to re-create it for my niece as a gift. She loves the picture if yours on your web sight. Okay, here’s the question. How did you attach the handle/strap? I think you just sewed through the the the lining & back out through the strap again a few times, but because yours looks so neat in the picture, I want to be sure. Thank you in advance if you can answer this for me. Regardless, the bag is lovely.

    • Hi Amy, yes I just sewed it in place, but only through the crochet portion… Not the lining (so its not visible from the inside). I think I just went in a square shape, down the side, along the bottom, up the other side and across the top. Hope that helps! Janette

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