D is for Dishcloth…

Crochet dishcloths  free pattern I Do Declare, a Darling crochet Dishcloth is Definitely going to transform your Dreary Dish washing….  Delivering you and your Dishes from Dirty and Dull  to  Divine!

Crochet dishcloths  free patternI Dare you to find someone who Doesn’t Deserve a Delectable Dishcloth aDorning their kitchen, Dashing Duty into Delight.

Crochet dishcloths  free patternAnd Don’t despair, you can soon have a Dozen of these Decidedly Delightful Dishcloths too!

Delightful Dishcloths

Using a 5mm hook and worsted weight cotton, chain any multiple of 2 stitches + 2… I used 30.

  • Row 1: Work 1 sc in 2nd ch from hook, *ch 1, skip next ch, sc in next ch; rep from * to end.
  • Row 2 – 30: Chain 1, turn. Sc in the first space, *ch1, sc in the next space* rep from * to *  across. Remember to chain one at the end of each row and turn. Continue working in rows until your square looks square! Fasten off and join a new color.
  • Round one of edging: Repeat pattern, working AROUND the outside of your work (That’s sc in the chain 1 spaces, ch1) and work sc ch1 sc at each corner. Join with a ss to finish the round.
  • Round 2: sc in each stitch around putting 2 sc’s in each corner space. Fasten off and weave in all ends.

If this was in any way confusing, you can watch a video to see how to do this stitch in  more detail here (the pattern sc, ch 1 creates woven stitch – a very useful stitch pattern to have in your crochet repertoire! )

J xx

A new crochet cushion

Crochet triangle cushion 8Ive finished my first crochet cushion of the year…Crochet triangle cushion 6   Very soothing in blues and greens… just the thing for the hot days we are experiencing right now!Crochet triangle cushionYou can find the free pattern for this cushion over here at Solstrikke… Solveig is fast becoming my crochet cushion muse 🙂Crochet triangle cushionThe triangles are simple to make and strangely addictive… The only deviation I made from the pattern was to use half double crochet for the back, simply because double crochet seemed too loose… Crochet triangle cushionI really must learn to crochet more tightly…Crochet triangle cushion 9Maybe tomorrow, for today I’m too hot so I’m going to pour something cool into a tall glass and sit on the couch with my feet up!

J xoxoxox

Crochet snake free pattern

Crochet snakes

Carter requested a snake pleasssssssse…Crochet snake free pattern

But once I made one it was hard to ssssstop!Crochet snake free pattern

It was alssso hard to stop thinking up silly snaky alliterations! Crochet snake free pattern

So I gave in…Crochet snake free pattern

So sssssorry! Crochet snake free pattern

So if you want to make one sweet sneaky snake, or six…Carter and crochet snake

You can find the superb simple sweet and not at all silly scaly or scary crochet snake pattern right here.

The only change I made to the pattern was to  insert a couple of pipe cleaners wound together (and the ends bent over so they don’t poke out) inside each snake to make them nice a twistable 🙂


Crochet coaster free pattern

Crochet Coasters Tutorial

Crochet coaster free pattern I’ve had many, many requests for a crochet coaster pattern since I originally posted making coasters because the original pattern seems to have disappeared. If it does pop back up Ill link back to  it, but in the meantime, here’s a quick little tutorial for you to whip up some crochet coasters, for yourself or as a lovely gift!

To make these crochet coasters you will need…

  • DK (8ply) yarn – I like to use a cotton or cotton blend
  • 3mm or 3.5mm crochet hook – use a slightly smaller hook than usual because you want a nice firm fabric.
  • Needle to sew in ends

Crochet coaster free patternFirst up, chain 6 and join to form a ring:Crochet coaster free pattern

Chain 3 (counts as first DC) and DC 19 into the ring (20DC) Join with a SS into the top of the starting chain 3 to complete the round. Crochet coaster free pattern

Chain 3, DC in the next Stitch and Chain 2:Crochet coaster free pattern

DC in the next 2 Stitches, Chain 2 – repeat around. Join with a SS into the top of the starting chain 3 to complete the round:Crochet coaster free pattern

SS into the next Chain 2 space:Crochet coaster free pattern

Chain 3, DC, Chain 3, 2DC into the first chain 2 space:Crochet coaster free pattern

2DC, chain 3, 2DC into each remaining chain 2 space – repeat around. Join with a SS into the top of the starting chain 3 to complete the round:Crochet coaster free pattern

SS to next chain 3 space. Chain 3, 7 DC in space:Crochet coaster free pattern

8 DC into each chain 3 space around. Join with a SS into the top of the starting chain 3 to complete the round:Crochet coaster free pattern

Turn over and sew in the ends…Crochet coaster free pattern

Make just one, or a whole bunch. I love crochet coasters!Crochet coaster free pattern

Especially when accompanied by a cup of tea and a good book!Crochet coaster free pattern

Have a lovely weekend everyone! J xox

crochet cowl free pattern

Easy crochet cowl

I recently made this crochet cowl for a friend.

open weave crochet cowl free patternWarm, yet light…open weave crochet cowl 4Soft AND snuggly! Best of all its a super easy design, suitable for those new to crochet…crochet cowl free pattern

Lets begin shall we? This one is made using 2 strands of 4ply held together, because I wanted an 8ply/ DK weight cowl. I loved this color, so used the two strands to achieve the weight I was looking for with a 6mm hook. Really though, you could use and weight yarn and a suitably large enough hook.

Chain 35:

open weave crochet cowl 9Turn and DC in the fifth chain from the hook:

open weave crochet cowl 10Chain 1, skip 1 and double crochet in the next stitch:Crochet cowl free patternRepeat across until you reach the end of the row. Turn and chain 4:Crochet cowl free patternDC into first space:open weave crochet cowl 8Chain1 and double crochet into each space across:

Crochet cowl free patternKeep working until your cowl is the desired length…open weave crochet cowl 5Then slip stitch your two ends together:Crochet cowl free patternWeave in all ends (there should only be two!), and put on your new cowl! crochet cowl free pattern crochet cowl free patternThen take a photo or two and post it over on the Green Dragonfly Facebook page!

Have a very happy day 🙂 ~ Jxox

Crochet inspiration – the rose

Peach roseI was inspired by this very beautiful (and very late blooming – it’s now mid winter here) apricot rose and decided to crochet a few of my own…

Only much, much smaller than the original!Crochet rose

Sometimes I love to crochet something tiny.

But big and blousy or tiny and perfect, the pattern is the same… This is the rose pattern I use most often, it’s so easy you can make them in front of the TV – they require very little attention 🙂

Easy Crochet Rose

Use any corresponding hook and yarn – the above rose was made using a 1.5mm hook and crochet thread. For DK weight yarn use a 3 or 3.5mm, for worsted weight yarn use a 4mm…

Row 1:  Leaving a long end, chain 40.

Row 2: Dc into the sixth chain from the hook, *ch2, skip one stitch, dc into the next stitch*. Repeat between * and * to the end of the row.

Row 3: Create petals: chain 2, turn, *6dc into the ch2 gap of the previous row, sc into the top of the dc of the previous row*. Repeat between * and * to the end of the row.

Finishing: Twirl up and sew together, weave in ends.

Crochet rose

I think I’ll make another the same and attach them to bobby pins for Maia. What’s inspiring you right now? J – xo