A new tutorial… crochet granny bag

crochet granny bag If you’ve been reading for a while you will know I have a thing for crochet bags… or more to the point, crochet granny square bags.

From the single granny bag

Granny envelope bagto tiny granny…Crochet ipad caseAnd the giant granny…Crochet granny bag… It’d be fair to say I’ve made a few.

But you can never have too many granny square bags, right? So here’s a lovely quick bag to whip up using 13 of your favourite granny squares!crochet granny bag

Step one:

Crochet 13 granny squares. There are no rules to which granny square you use, what color it should be, or how big. But remember the size of the final bag will depend on how heavy your yarn is and many rounds the granny squares have.

I chose my favourite ‘plain’ granny. But there are so many amazing granny designs out there, this bag is only limited by your imagination (and your stash 🙂 )Crochet granny squaresMy granny squares were  made using a mix of dk/ light worsted and a 4mm hook. They are 6 rounds. I used the same color combination for all squares, but you don’t have to. If you choose to use different colors, keep in mind you are going to have to join them, and if you don’t want the join to show you will want to use a consistent color for the last round.

Step two:A new crochet granny bag 9Sew your granny squares together. I do this by holding wrong sides together and sewing a zig zag from one square to the other catching only a single strand from each square.

You want to sew together 5 squares to form an X (one x for the front and one x for the back), then add in three squares which get folded in half and sewn across the front and back:crochet granny bagWhen its finished, it should look like this:

A new crochet granny bag 8Step three:

Crochet the outer rounds of the handles….

Round one: join your yarn (in a trough not a peak) and single crochet around the entire upper edge.

Round two: SC in each stitch to the next ‘peak’ then chain 50. Skip the entire next ‘trough’ and join at the opposite peak, then continue with SC to the next ‘peak’, chain 50 and once again skip the next ‘trough’ join on the opposite side and complete the round with SC.

Rounds three and four:  SC in every stitch around (including the handles)

A new crochet granny bagStep four:

Crochet the inner rounds of the handles. Join yarn a stitch or two in from the handle on the inner edge:A new crochet granny bag 2Single crochet in each stitch around the inner edge of the handle, when you get to the bottom of the trough skip the very middle stitch (this keeps it from bulging) also skip the first and last stitch before the handle:

A new crochet granny bag 3Continue working around the inner edge for 3 rounds (total); skipping those three stitches on each round to keep it nice and neat.

A new crochet granny bag 11And that’s it, sew in all ends and you are finished! Stash it full of stuff and take it out!

I’m still debating lining this bag… Ill let you know what I decide – but don’t worry, it wont stop me enjoying it as it is in the meantime 🙂

A new crochet granny bag 5As always, let me know if you have any problems or questions. And if you make one, I’d love to see it – either send me an email or post it on the facebook page. J xox


40 thoughts on “A new tutorial… crochet granny bag

  1. Kylee says:

    Hi Janette, when you say “holding wrong sides together and sewing a zig zag from one square to the other catching only a single strand from each square” are you using a sewing machine or hand sewing or is there a crochet stitch? (sorry – I’m bit of a newbie to crochet) thanks Kylee


  2. ourworldheritagebe says:

    Love it! I am working on my first granny square bag myself, though it’s the first squares I ever crochet and I find them quite hard to do. Getting better at it though 😉 You can see some pics at http ://catstitches.wordpress.com. I was wondering, when bags like this are used, don’t they stretch out to much? You should fill them light, right? Or are they stronger than I would think?


      • ourworldheritagebe says:

        Ok, and now fill me in: what’s a lining?! Quite new to all of this, only picked up a crochet hook in december 13 for the first time 🙂


      • Janette says:

        It’s sewn out of fabric and then sewn into the inside of the bag… Basically you just sew a bag from a light fabric slightly smaller than the crochet bag, fit it inside wrong side to wrong side and tack into place along the open edge. Look at the granny envelope bag post. J



  3. bamcrafts979 says:

    I’d just started making granny squares for a bag like this yesterday and was still mulling over the best way to do the handles! Seeing your post this morning was just perfect timing 🙂 Lovely colour choices BTW! Mine is in blues, greens and lavender.


  4. rainbowjunkiecorner says:

    Love it! colours and squares and everything. It’s interesting how one can have a ‘thing’ for certain items. With me it seems to be blankets and bookmarks but I have a yearning to make several bags I have seen, they are just too low down on the list but I have added yours. I like how the squares fit together.


  5. Andrea says:

    I love it- I have so many color ideas for granny square bags, but the lining job keeps me from doing it. Maybe your recent and really cool bag gives me a boost finally!


  6. Sanderella's Crochet says:

    Beautiful!! You do fabulous work. I do need to get with you on the ‘cat’ tutorial/pattern….there is a step in there that totally confuses me on the body of the cat…I think it was closing the sides or something, I found it confusing and mine didn’t look as nice as yours!! Lol!! I will see if I can find the pattern, and what exactly it was about it. Sandy


      • Sanderella's Crochet says:

        I think it was in the beginning….a rectangle 8 rows wide and then when it goes to step 2, beginning on the 7th row. I made it, but it was not just like yours! I will work on this again tomorrow, and see if revisiting the instructions…taking my time will work better for me. It has been since the pattern came out, and I simply don’t remember all that well, other then I wanted it just right because it is so adorable! Thank you so much!! Sandy


      • Janette says:

        Ahh, so you make the rectangle then work all around the outside… Building up the cat from the bottom, working in rounds. I’ll see if I can make the instructions clearer 🙂



  7. vicki says:

    I just found you! I’m primarily a knitter, but crochet also. I was looking for some cute little animals to crochet and love your blog!
    Thanks for the inspiration!


  8. Nice piece of work says:

    This is really great, I’m just getting down to a good hard look at it now! I’m going to forward this to my “students”, they’re hugely keen on granny squares so the more lovely uses for them the better 🙂 Thanks, as always 🙂


  9. Heather says:

    On linings and bags: I’ve crocheted a shopping bag, done in the round, without a lining. I’ve used it for years, and it’s OK. It has stretched out, but that’s fine. I’m not sure how seams would be affected. (It also gets more compliments than anything else I carry or wear.) I forgot where the pattern was, though. It’s dc’s and ch1 spaces.


  10. Meenakshi says:

    Finally finished my Granny Bag. It was a labor of Hercules, but it is finally done! I doubled the number of chains for the handles (100 ch) as 50 ch turned out to be kind of short. Thanks so much for posting the pattern. I plan to line it too.


  11. Lauren says:

    I have some lovely granny squares from a worldwide exchange I did, as soon as I figure out how to join squares with different number stitches I think they will look amazing in this pattern! Can’t wait


    • Raquel Jackson says:

      Lovely! I just modified your pattern for my sunburst granny squares and I love how it turned out. Thank you so much! Can’t wait to make another bag!


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