Crochet granny square baby blanket

Ive finished my granny baby blanket…

Grannky blanket 6Sorry it took a little longer than I thought it would to come back to you with it.  Granny blanket 8By the time I made the trip to spotlight to get the yarn to finish the edging…… and washed and blocked it (and waited… and waited) for it to dry… Granny blanket 5Fortunately there has just been a break in the weather so I rushed outside to find somewhere to photograph it, and try to get the colors as true as possible…

Granny blanket 9I love it, and I hope the new baby (my soon-to-be-born niece or nephew) loves it too. Carter has already wrapped himself up in it a couple of times and keeps asking if he can keep it!!

Crochet granny square blanket patternIn case you want to make a blanket like this, there are 42 squares (6 x7), this resulted in a blanket that is 84cm x 100cm (34″ x 40″), I used a variety of 8ply yarns and a 4mm hook.

There are loads of places that explain how to make granny squares, but they are all a little different, so here’s my version:

How to make a basic Granny Square:

Chain 5 and join with a slip stitch to make a circle, then chain 3 (this counts as the first dc):

Granny square how toDc into the circle two times:Granny square how to Chain 2, and DC three more times into the circle:Granny square how toRepeat twice more, until you have 4 clusters of 3 DC separated by chain 2 spaces. After the last chain 2, join with a ss into the top of the starting chain 3: Granny square how toSlip stitch in the next 3 DCs to get to the next chain 2 space:

Granny square how toChain 3, DC x 2, Chain 2, then DC x 3 into the first space:Granny square how toMake 2, 3DC clusters separated by chain 2 in each chain 2 space from the previous round. After the last chain 2, join with a ss into the top of the starting chain 3:

Granny square how toRepeat round twice more-  SS to corner, then make 2 x 3DC clusters separated with chain 2 space in corners and 3DC clusters in spaces between corners:Granny square how toIf you are going to join as you go- this is where you stop making rounds and join to another square. If you are going to join in another method or you want to make a bigger square you just keep making rounds:Granny square how to 7

Join- as- you- go method for joining granny squares:

This is a nice method for joining as it means you don’t end up having to sew all your squares together, and also reduces the number of ends to sew in – each granny only has two ends if you use the single color grannies throughout.

Here is the first square (4 rounds) and the second square I’m going to join to it (3 rounds). The last round will be the joining round:

Granny square how to 8Chain 3 and make the first cluster in the corner of your joining square (light blue), chain 1, then insert hook behind the chain 2 space of first square:

Granny square join as you goPull up a loop and…

Granny square join as you go…complete single crochet linking the two squares together:Granny square join as you goMake another 3DC cluster into your corner:

Granny square join as you goThen insert hook through back of next space of first square again:

Granny square join as you goPull up loop, then make an sc…

Granny square join as you goAnd make your next cluster, repeat again:Granny square join as you go

Make your first set of 3 clusters in corner space, then join again:Granny square join as you goBefore completing next 3DC cluster in the corner of your joining square:

Granny square join as you goComplete round as normal, and join with a ss into the top of the beginning chain 3:

Granny square join as you goRepeat for all squares, joining two sides when you have to:

Granny square join as you goEdging:

Once all edges were joined together, I edged the entire rectangle in 3DC clusters (just like a giant granny square), making 2 x 3DC clusters separated by chain 2 space in the corners:

Granny baby blanketAnd repeated for 6 rounds:

Granny baby blanketThe very outer edge was a simple bobble picot: Join in a space between clusters, sc in next stitch, sc in next stitch (that’s the center of the cluster below) and chain 3:

Granny baby blanketJoin with a ss into the top of the same sc:

Granny baby blanketBobble formed:

Granny baby blanketSC in the next 2 stitches, repeat bobble. Repeat all around the blanket:

Granny baby blanket 6I blocked the blanket to even out the shape.  Because the weather has cooled down, and we have had a lot of rain it took absolutely ages to dry.

So there you go, I hope that gives you a little bit of insight into my creative process. If you have any questions, just leave a comment below and Ill do my best to help out.

Granny blanket 10Have a lovely weekend 🙂

85 thoughts on “Crochet granny square baby blanket

  1. vanesseva says:

    I love doing granny squares but have never joined them the way you taught it..thank you, will try it your way. Love the colors…look forward to your next project.


  2. youngatfifty says:

    That’s a lovely blanket. I can very well understand the time it took you to complete that ! My blanket was made of 50 granny squares and I kept crocheting these squares into such a tall pile before starting to put them together ! Oh yes, I joined them in exactly the same way as you.


  3. mswalsh says:

    Sometimes it takes somebody to point out the obvious to you and it’s like a massive revelation – I LOVE the way you are joining those squares – I can’t believe I never thought of it.
    The blanket looks gorgeous – I’m feeling rather inspired to dig out my hooks. 🙂


  4. gentlestitches says:

    Warmed my heart to see such a delicious, well made and beautiful blanket. I am glad you posted.
    Hand made blankets are an essential “welcome to the world” gift for a new baby. Very generous of you to post tute as well. I am always delighted at how generous the crafting community is.
    I will never get to be an Aunt so I have to admire them vicariously 🙂


  5. crochetcricket says:

    Very nice 😀 I am currently making a baby blanket but I am doing one big granny square. It seems a little off center can or kinda lop sided. Have you made one of those blankets? Can it be fixed after somehow?


      • crochetcricket says:

        Well it is almost completely cotton. So I will try the blocking. This will be my first time trying that. I did take a chance and add some rows in a grey acrylic. I just couldn’t find that color in cotton around here. I did a small test square to see how it would wash and dry. Hehe seems like everything I do is a test.


  6. LeeAnna says:

    WOW, I love this. I have not been crocheting long and I have been looking for a way to make a granny square blanket and I just fell in love with this method of joining. I can’t wait to start it! Thank you do much for taking the time to post all the pictures and instructions.


  7. narf77 says:

    Ok that’s IT! I am done with procrastinating about forgetting how to crochet and being to busy, you just spurred me into action…I can do that…I did do that…I WILL do that! Thankyou for the shove 🙂 Your blanket is absolutely gorgeous and totally inspiring. Cheers for the tutorial and the reminder and for the push 🙂


  8. KatyB says:

    What a lovely blanket!

    As I’ve promised to make blankets for three new babies coming into the world this year, I’m so glad you wrote a tutorial for this – it looks like I’m going to be very busy! 🙂


  9. Anita says:

    This is great, well done! These days I’ve been looking for some good tutorial for blanket made ​​of granny squares, found it here. 🙂 Thank you!


  10. Mary Bohme says:

    You should do a book. I have never been able to follow directions, but you have made it so clear and easy even I understand them.


  11. Priceless Joy says:

    That is so beautiful! I would love to be able to crochet again. In fact, several years ago, I started crocheting my dog a sweater because he is so large I couldn’t find one to fit him. But the arthritis in my thumbs made me stop crocheting. I was sad. 😦


  12. Eleanor says:

    Ingenious!!!! 🙂 Thanks to this I’ve begun what I’m calling a Moody Gran Blanket – in other words a Granny Square mood blanket. Never made a blanket before so it’s slightly daunting, but who knows??


  13. Judy says:

    How many balls of wool did you use for that size blanket? It’s beautiful, lucky bub! I love the join as you go approach I have made many rugs but never joined them that way. Thanks!


  14. Judy says:

    Love your blanket especially the join as you go. Am having a little difficulty with the joining tutorial as I am left handed. Am an experienced crocheter of 40 or more years & have been able to “translate” patterns with no problem. I think I’m going to have to use a mirror to see exactly where my hook goes. See, I crochet a granny clockwise, not counter clockwise like a right hander. What do you think? Any ideas?


  15. Barbara Pishioneri says:

    Your pattern looks absolutely wonderful. Can I get a condensed version of the instructions. I would gladly pay for it. Thanks much. Looking forward to starting it for my granddaughter in sparkly yarn!


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