I thought I’d share some photos from the last few days…

Spring has indeed graced us with her presence… today we’ve had sun, rain, wind, and weather so hot Ive had to strip off, only to find it so cool a few minutes later I’m reaching for my sweater! On the bright side, this blossom on our Golden Queen peach tree is breathtaking.Peach blossom2 For my birthday I received a cake pop baking pan so the children and I took it for a test run. Before this weekend we’d never had cake pops, but I’m sure we will be having them again soon!cake pops CollageI seemed to spend a lot of time in the kitchen over the last two days. These two shots are of my kitchen windowsill, and just outside my ‘pet’ dragonfly. The stock and freesias smell lovely!!Kitchen windowsillKitchen windowsill 2Maia’s class topic for the term is ‘pay it forward’ so they are decorating bags which they will fill with games and activities they’ve made themselves and will give to Starship children’s hospital. Guess who spent the weekend cutting and sewing 25 bags?Book Bags 1Some children watch TV… here are mine watching ‘muffin TV’! They’re not so patiently waiting for strawberry muffins to cook for dessert.  We used this recipe (I’d recommend you try it!!).Watching muffin tv Carter has just got a spinning top which he is loving. So simple, but so much fun.Carters spinning topWhat to do with all those empty jars?

DSC_0147Fill them with orange, lemon and ginger marmalade and plum jam (the plums were frozen last summer). I’m sure Ill be making these yummy treats again soon now my marmalade stock is replenished!Marmalade and Jam Fresh plum jam and homemade yoghurt. Is there anything nicer?yoghurt and jamFinally check these crochet cats out. They are made using my Caity Cat crochet pattern… aren’t they just awesome?

These ones are from Just made with love:resizer-nl4ec3990cbc09932And these ones are from Stip & HAAK:

IMG_0011I love LOVE love them! I think they are better than the original!

Ok that’s all for now, back soon, hopefully with a finished project to show! Have a happy week! Love Janette xx

15 thoughts on “Snippets

  1. wendy says:

    I like the look of those cake pops, yum oh and the jam. I remember ending up making heaps for my kids class quite often lol. Gorgeous kiddlets and cute crochet caity cats ☺


  2. Cathy the Bagg Lady says:

    I love marmalade, especially homemade. I add some lemon rind to mine. You really can’t blame the kids for their vigilance at the oven..I am certain they aided those strawberry muffins along! BTW your kids are adorable. I still haven’t made your bunnies but they are on my Christmas project list..which means I got to get to them soon or they won’t be done by Christmas (they would then be called Easter toys). Thank you for reading my Canvas Rug post. I appreciate it.
    Ta Ta for now,
    Cathy the Bagg Lady


  3. Lisa says:

    Your snippets are awesome! The cake pops look delicious!! Festive treat! Wow you sewed the bags that is so kewl!! Love the pay it forward!! I love your jams! I was just thinking too I should make some, I have never done it before. I have made freezer jam but want to make jam like yours!! Love the Caity Cats! Hugz


  4. thepogblog says:

    If it was your birthday recently, I hope you had a lovely time :o) And slightly weirdly (based on the comment you left on my blog and the similarities in our thinking) 1) I have a dragonfly like yours on my garden shed – not as pretty though as mine isn’t coloured, and 2) I picked damsons last week to make into jam. I wouldn’t know where to start with homemade yogurt though, so I think the similarities end there! :o)


  5. bartynbozv says:

    Thanks Janette – your blog was so interesting. I like the idea of making jam – yours looks delicious. Thanks also for sharing the site’s for the cats – there are some lovely free patterns . Your cat pattern is gorgeous too. So thanks again for your thoughtfulness.


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