Random retro crochet and beginner blankets

How’s your week going?  Mine is (still) hot, we are experiencing a very long, very DRY summer.  My garden is looking decidedly parched, the veges are curling up their toes and the flowers are practically gasping. I try to ignore them because we are on water restrictions that mean only 2 hours of hand watering every second day.  This is very depressing….

On the flip side it’s so hot in the afternoons that you need to stay indoors just to keep out of the sun. So while I could spend this time cooking or cleaning, instead I like to see it as extra time for crafting!

Recently a friend from work asked if I would teach her to crochet because she wanted to make a bed spread (blanket/afghan). Turns out she had an old knit and crochet pattern book (no cover unfortunately so I cant give you a name) with the pattern she wants to make. Here are some other crochet projects from it:

The crochet tunic on the right is cute (pity about what that knit outfit the poor boy is wearing):

Retro crochet 2And while the stripes in this sweater are questionable, the pattern itself is actually not so bad.Retro crochetWhat she is keen on is this rose motif spread…Crochet rose motif 7It crocheted up rather quickly, but I think the hole in the middle is too big, and there are too many chains in each round making it rather loopy, although this is likely to improve with blocking. The pattern calls for a bulky yarn and a 7.5mm hook… I used a 6mm hook which still made for a huge baggy circle. But then I guess you would need less circles to complete the spread that way 🙂

In case any of you are so inclined here is the pattern:Crochet rose motif 3The book does have a few other suggestions for the motif:

Crochet rose motif 6 This green circle is made using a few pattern modifications, a 4mm hook and 8ply (DK) yarn; it has potential I think… but I’m not sure Id like to see a whole bed spread/top/dress/shawl made from it. Maybe with a few more rounds and a picot edge it could make an acceptable doily?Crochet rose motifWhat do you think?

If you were advising someone starting out what crochet blanket pattern would you recommend?

Just for starters here are some of my favorites:

Because this is a bit of a random post anyway I’m going to share a card my daughter made for me this week. It made me laugh and cry all at once, and I’m sure when I’m old and my children HAVE left me, I’ll treasure it still….Maia's card 3 Maias card 4 It reads: Dear Mum, I love you very much. I bet you love me to. We will always be together. In a family. With people we know. We have lots of love. From Maia.

6 year old logic… you’ve got to love it!Maias card 5

This looks exactly like me. Especially the large pointing outwards feet.

Have a lovely week! Janette xoxo

27 thoughts on “Random retro crochet and beginner blankets

  1. beberouge says:

    Mmmm I feel the same as you don’t think I would like a whole blanket in that motif, but I’m not much of a doily blanket person. My first blanket was Attic 24’s Granny Stripe. You really only need 1 stitch and it works up quick. Love the card, kids make the best stuff!!!


  2. onoodlesstitchcraft says:

    I’m always looking out for vintage patterns and trying them out. I love them. Love what you ate doing. Regarding the lovely treasure from your daughter- you are right. My boys are grown up and away from home and looking through their old ‘artworks’ always brings a smile (and a tear!)


    • Janette says:

      I love to look at them too, its fun to see how styles have changed! I have so many artworks already I don’t want to think about what its going to look like by the time they do actually leave home!


  3. Zornitsa Teneva says:

    I’m impressed of the retro crochet patterns, but I have to admit that I’m more impressed of the beautiful card from your daughter… 🙂 It’s really sweet! My son is 9 years old and he claims to be a big men 🙂 He is starting to be ashamed when I hold his hand. Especially infront of his friends… The kids are growing so fast… 🙂


  4. Bridget says:

    The crochet and pictures are lovely …. however, I am more jealous of your description of the weather .. we currently have ZERO at night and way up to 3 or 4C day time :O


  5. nanacathy2 says:

    Love the rose window motif. And do treasure that card- it will mean so much. I found in a recipe book yesterday a letter from my son when he was at uni, thanking us for making sure he went to uni and being his Mum and Dad! In the northern hemisphere its still cold!


  6. goose grass says:

    Same here. I would go for the granny stripes. No complicated pattern, no joining, just rows and rows in different colors.
    But as I am no longer a beginner: does the rose pattern say how the circles are joined? You know about my “crochet flower addiction” and I feel the urge to try the “rose window motif” … 🙂
    That’s a very cute letter! Lets hope that Maia will stay forever in “a family with people we know.” 🙂


  7. rainbowjunkiecorner says:

    I suppose the designer would call the ‘rose window’ pattern lacy rather than baggy but I know what you mean. I am teaching a friend to crochet and I have recommended a granny square blanket to start. If you do one big granny square you don’t even have to do any joining!
    I’ve still got art work from my children when they were little. I saved all the best ones.


  8. livingsimplyfree says:

    I like the look of your current attempt much better than the original. I prefer the granny square to the circle and while the pattern looks beautiful I don’t know what I would ever do with it.

    Love your card!! I have my back door covered with art work the little ones make me and still have things my sons made me when little. They will always be treasured.


  9. suth2 says:

    I think I would go large granny square blanket for a beginner.
    The card from your daughter is lovely. I have a collection of my most treasured notes from my children who are now in their thirties. I also keep birthday cards and mothers day card which are now randomly slotted into books in my study. It is delightful when you come across a card in a book and read the lovely thoughts inside. It warms my heart, all over again.


  10. hookandply says:

    Such a lovely card and something to treasure. I like the motif but I do not know if I would have the patience to make enough for a throw. 😉 I would quite like to try and crochet one though.


  11. Linne says:

    I’d recommend granny squares for those who are not bored by stitching together small bits. If they are, a single granny square (made really HUGE) is a cool choice. Or your granny stripe blanket! I really like that one, too. The retro patterns sure look ’80s to me. Sometimes they look more current just by changing the colour scheme; other times, the pattern itself needs a bit of tweaking. Thanks for sharing, though. Will we see the rest of the book? ~ Linne


  12. Little Miss Ling says:

    I’m a beginner and I just tried out the Solstrikke pattern. I wasn’t sure if I was doing it right because it’s quite loopy from the many stitches, but I think that’s the intention. You can take a look and let me know on my blog if you have time! And I agree, granny square blankets are probably the least scary thing to try as a beginner! And so rewarding!


  13. Anushka says:

    Oh I just love 1970s knitting and crochet pattern magazines. The styling is always so good. I have a baby Mon Tricot edition from something like 1976 and I just like going through all of the photos and squealing at the utterly ridiculous outfits.


  14. Barbara says:

    I used to have that crochet book. And now seeing those pages, I wish I still did. I think it was ‘Mon tricot’. You’re blog is lovely and your creativity inspiring.


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