From doodle to work of art…

For Christmas last year, my brother and sister in law requested a piece of art from me for their home.  In my usual timely fashion I have only just managed to make them something this week. Oops.

I find the idea of creating something like this for someone else quite daunting. Taste, especially with regard to art, is very personal so I was extremely nervous about doing this. Easy canvas art 1Anyways, this piece started with a doodle, which I worked on during a full day team meeting at work last week. You know, when I should have been concentrating. Im an active listener!

I really liked the idea of turquoise… but the accents in their house are red, so I kept it simple with red, black and white. I also wanted to make it a little less busy than the doodle, so stuck to a few main elements.Easy canvas art Once I’d drawn a rough sketch on the canvas, using acrylic paint I filled in the black outlines…

Easy canvas artBefore adding in the red accents. Here’s the finished piece drying outside in the late evening sun:Easy canvas artWhen it was completely dry I gave it a couple of coats of spray gloss to seal it (this also makes it look more professional), I use this brand: Easy canvas art 5Unfortunately I don’t have a photo of it on the wall in their house as yet.  But I’m pretty sure they loved it which was a relief!!!

While working on this project my apprentice was hard at work on his on his own piece of art…

Carter my apprenticeI love how carefully he works, and with such concentration!

Carter my apprentice 2And his piece has made it to the wall in our home! So do you ‘make art’ for your home?  What do you like to paint? Hope your week is going well 🙂 Janette xx

19 thoughts on “From doodle to work of art…

  1. says:

    Simple but beautiful. I have attempted oil paintings on canvas for my family room but they were way too amateurish and never made it as far as the wall! I prefer my kids’ acrylics!


  2. Little Miss Ling says:

    Such a cool design! I think the design improved as you simplified it from the doodle to the canvas. I love how bold it is. Like you, I really like the turquoise, but I guess it was a commission of sorts so you have to please the customer! =)


  3. hookandply says:

    I like the way way you started with a doodles. I paint and have my own work and that of others on my walls. I just wish I had more wall space….. some just have to wait their turn in the studio.


  4. misselletea says:

    Love this! I cut out all of my doodles and created a scrap book with them in the hope that one day I would turn them into ‘real art’. You have inspired me to try, at least. This painting is gorgeous!


  5. Marie says:

    I haven’t painted in years. Your work may just be what I need to get started again. Beautiful work! It would really look great in my red room. Blessings to you! Marie


  6. gentlestitches says:

    I love your art work and I love artwork on the wall. is looking for people to write illustrated letters to. Her idea has inspired me to draw more and I am working on a koala Bear drawing with colored pencils.


  7. patriciahope20 says:

    I think you did the right thing to doodle in your meeting. It probably helped you concentrate if you’re a kinaesthetic and visual learner.
    I am a crochet artist (of sorts too) and can see how I would turn yor doodle into a fibre picture. I love it.


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