Flower throw

Im (slowly) working away on a new throw, diligently sewing in the ends as I go so that its useable even in its small state now that the evenings are getting colder. Maia calls it my flower blanket. Hope you are having a lovely week xx

21 thoughts on “Flower throw

  1. Sarah - Crafts from the Cwtch says:

    Gorgeousness! I need to get crocheting this weekend, but there is just so much on – we’re going to a show (Charlie & Lola) and to a party so I don’t know when…?!?!

    I’m 24% through Assassin’s Quest and loving it – I didn’t want to put it down to sleep last night! 🙂


  2. Lily says:

    Hi Janette – I am just about to embark on my first ‘proper’ sewing project and I was wondering from where you purchased the lovely owl corduroy and the little mice fabric for the dress you made Maia. I have searched all over and can’t find anything even similar. I would love to make a skirt for my little nieces. Lily. xxx


    • Janette says:

      Hi Lily, I got the material at spotlight which is a big company here in New Zealand and Australia. Any light weight fabric would work though, cotton, drill, denim. Good luck, I hope you find something lovely! Jxx


  3. hstuart3 says:

    It is gorgeous and I really like the colors! You are so smart to weave in the ends as you go. So much less of a project at the end and the fact that it is usable it awesome!


  4. Stocki says:

    i love the colours and the pattern Janette..Nice idea to have it usable as it grows too…so many lovely things get put away and never used because they never get finished don’t they? Have a lovely weekend! Hugs, Jill x


  5. Juliab says:

    Your blanket looks amazing and I love the way you have joined the squares together – did you just do 2 chains before slip stitching together? I really love the colours you have chosen too and it looks a nice chunky and warm blanket. Great idea to sew the ends in as you go so that you can use it already. Can you come and help me sew my blanket’s ends in, there are quite a few to keep us busy!! x


  6. Faith says:

    How sensible to sew the ends as you go……even better when you can use it too.

    I like the colours, the grey is lovely, it’s ages since I did my little hexi blanket, I should really get it out and get on with it, as it grows quite well when I put my mind to it.


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