Little Hearty Hair Ties

Crochet Heart Hair Tie Free PatternIts February, so what can I say – hearts are everywhere!  I thought Id make some little heart hair ties for Maia.

These are made using the same pattern as my Heart Bunting, but with a 1.5mm hook and 3ply crochet cotton, so they are small and cute plus they work up quickly – probably about 20mins.

Heart Hair Ties

These are made with two hearts joined together- the first is attached to a hair tie – here’s how:

1. Make a magic circle and chain 3 then crochet 9 double crochets into the circle. Pull your circle tight and secure the round with a slip stitch between your first and last dc.

Crochet Heart hair tie free pattern2. Round 2: Double crochet 5 times into the first stitch, and once into the next stitch.  In the next stitch double crochet and catch your hair tie behind the stitch to hold it in place: Crochet Heart hair tie free patternWhen the stitch is finished the tie’s secured in place by the stitch.

Crochet Heart hair tie free pattern3. Double crochet into the next stitch then double crochet, triple crochet, double crochet into the next stitch. Double crochet into the next stitch, and when you double crochet into the following stitch catch you hair tie behind on the opposite side. Double crochet once into the next stitch, 5 double crochets into the next stitch. You should have one stitch left from the previous round- pop a slip stitch into it.

4. Round 3: Chain 1. Single crochet into next stitch, 2sc into each of next 3 stitches, sc into next 5 stitches, sc, double crochet, sc into next stitch (bottom of the heart), sc into next 5 stitches, 2sc into each of next 3 stitches, single crochet into last stitch. Slip stitch to finish the round, turn over and tie your ends together- this helps the heart form.

Crochet Heart hair tie free patternMake another heart (not attaching it to the hair tie), then holding your two hearts together (with the hair tie running in between the two) and right sides facing out, slip stitch around the outside – joining the two hearts together:

 Crochet Heart hair tie free patternSkip the stitch where the hair tie is passing through…

Crochet Heart hair tie free patternVoila…

Crochet Heart hair tie free patternA heart hair tie…

Crochet Heart hair tie free patternPretty cute…

Crochet Heart Hair Tie Free PatternAnd if you are like me you wont be able to stop at one…

Crochet Heart Hair Tie Free PatternIm sure there will be plenty more of these on my horizon…

As always, have fun!

Sending lots of love your way! Janette xx

39 thoughts on “Little Hearty Hair Ties

  1. Faith says:

    Very cute! Not sure what my boys would think of them though, maybe some for myself!

    Also love the little strawberry bag on the previous post, would make a lovely gift for a friends daughter. Thanks!


  2. Joan says:

    You are truly gifted and crafty 😉 …I’m new to this world of bloggers (I only follow a handful, so you are by far on my top 5 list), and I always get so excited to see yours in my email inbox… your simple, humble, uncluttered profile caught my eye, I absolutely LOVE all of your creations, thank you for your sharing-heart God has blessed you with<3


  3. olgasoleil says:

    Hello Janette! I really liked your ties! I’ve made one for my oldest daughter. She is very happy and asks me to do more in different colors… Many thanks for sharing your tutorial!
    Have a sunny day!
    Olga ☼


  4. amy says:

    These are so cute & I’d love to make some for my daughter. I am new to crochet (I am a long-time knitter & was so confused by crochet until I had to make a crochet flower for a knitted bag – I am now “hooked”!!!) As a newbie, can you help with a totally lame question? 🙂 What size is 3 ply cotton? All of the stuff I can purchase has a size, like #10 or #3 – even the stuff that looks like embroidery floss is a #5 (but isn’t 5 ply). help!


    • Janette says:

      I’m sorry I’m not much help I’ve long since list the labels from the balls I use, but I can recall they said they were 3 ply. Could you ask someone who works at the store? I think the smaller number is a thinner yarn, but 3ply is the thickest of that type of cotton.


    • Janette says:

      Also I’d like to say that it probably doesn’t matter what you use do long as the hook is suitable for the weight of yarn- they will just turn out bigger or smaller.


  5. Eko says:

    Thank you for sharing the tutorial. love the idea! I made one for my niece and she loved it. will make more in different colours. Thanks again.


  6. Denise Cox says:

    These are so cute and the tutorial is great. Can’t wait to make several for my 3 granddaughters. Have you considered putting a Pinterest “Pin It” button on your site?


  7. Mary says:

    I would like to make these Hearty Hair Ties for my granddaughters but you do not have a printer friendly way to print it. I tried my print setting but nothing happens.


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