A very strawberry bag

Strawberry Crochet BagMaia and I played Strawberry Shortcake this afternoon, which was a lot of fun. Carter joined in as the mail man who dropped off goodies to the dolls using his digger (ahh… just for a minute Id like to see what it’s like inside a boy’s brain!?) anyway, back to the purpose if this post… it reminded me about the wee crochet strawberry bag I made for keeping all the little dolls and pieces she has….

Strawberry Crochet BagYou can find the pattern at Roman Sock… it’s actually designed for wool, but it makes a beautiful Strawberry Shortcake storage bag too! There are lots of other free patterns on the site, so you might like to have a look around. Jxo

13 thoughts on “A very strawberry bag

  1. Juliab says:

    That is just perfect for a little girl and so apt! Must remember not to let my youngest see this as she will add it to the looonng list of stuff she wants me to make for her. x


  2. Becky Esser says:

    Hi, I love all of your crochet patterns. I have a question about the Strawberry Bag. It gives a link for the pattern at Roman Socks, but they don’t have the pattern. Would you know where I could find the pattern?

    Thank you for your time,




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