Birthday Bags

We went to a birthday party this weekend, for twins- Hamish and Emma.  I made them birthday bags with their name on instead of wrapping the presents, nothing flash but hopefully useful (and pretty cute)!

These are super easy to make (just a rectangle with the top folded over for a drawstring or ribbon closure).  The names are cut out in felt and glued (being adverse to pins I just use glue stick to hold them in place) then sewed on to finish.  This bit takes the longest… but in my experience kids love things with their name on! And every kid needs a bag for filling with his or her treasures, toys, snacks, dolls, clothes…

20 thoughts on “Birthday Bags

  1. Faith says:

    One of my bestest friends has made bags for my boys with their initials on which they love, but I love your idea about gluing not pinning, I am going to remember that!


  2. Deco Cat says:

    They are all the rage over here! People buy them and fill them with gifts as party favours. The ones you have made are gorgeous and I am sure they will be filled with many things.


    • Janette says:

      I dont think I have the patience to make them for every child at a party- well maybe if you just write their name on with fabric paint… but sewing each letter… eeek


  3. beberouge says:

    I love them, so cute and I agree kids love their names on things. We are always putting names on our boys toys mainly because being the same age we have 2 of everything but they just seem to love it. Also what kind of felt did you use I want to make some felt flowers but the felt I have seems to thin to hold stitches. xx


    • Janette says:

      It’s from spotlight so your sotlight should be the same as ours, quite heavy too. I’ve used it lots before for other projects… Works great and lots of lovely colours.


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