Dianthus crochet yoke top

Crochet yoke top free patternJust finished…

Want to make one?  Here’s how – but a note first, this isnt a very detailed tutorial, so Im assuming you have good crochet and sewing skills to begin with and will just use this idea to invent your own creation!

Make an appropriate number of granny squares of your choice, which when sewn together fit around your chest (above your boobs not right over them!).  If you find the squares are not quite big enough you can add a row or two of single crochet either under the arms (to widen between two of the squares) or at the centre back. To give you an idea, this top is 8 squares around- the squares are approximately 11cm wide (I crocheted these in 8 ply cotton with a 4mm hook).

Crochet yoke top free patternCrochet shoulder straps.  These ones are 10 single crochet wide.  When you are happy with the length, attach to the squares. I then did a row of single crochet around the entire neck and straps (inside and out) and two rows of single crochet along the entire bottom of the yoke. This shot shows you the yoke complete before crocheting the single crochet around all the edges.

Crochet yoke top free patternCut the fabric for the body of your top to desired length and finish any raw edges (especially important if its cotton).  Join together up the centre back and lightly gather the top (pull through a running stitch to do this).

Crochet yoke top free patternPin your crochet yoke to the fabric to ensure its evenly gathered around.

Crochet yoke top free patternI chose to hand sew the yoke in place, but you could also machine sew it if you want to.

Crochet yoke top free patternI decided to finish the bottom of the top with a picot edge. To do this I did a blanket stitch (kind of) evenly around the bottom of the fabric and then crocheted a picot edge (1sc,2dc,1sc) into each blanket stitch around.

Crochet yoke top free patternCrochet yoke top free patternThat’s it, all done!

Crochet yoke top free patternPretty cute huh? Let me know if you make something similar- Id love to see what you come up with.

I wonder what the neighbours think when they see me wandering around the garden taking photos of clothes hanging from trees, pots and the fence 🙂

Crochet yoke top free patternJx

27 thoughts on “Dianthus crochet yoke top

  1. Barbina says:

    It looks wonderful! I will try to make one for my little niece, as soon as I will get my new sewing machine. But I have to wait 4 more weeks until my birthday. 😦
    Yesterday evening I was reading a book with my little one about a unicorn called Dianthus. I never heard this name before, so funny!
    Have a great day! Barbina


  2. Faith says:

    Lovely idea, really summery…strange to see your summer flowers and yep I reckon our neighbours all think we’re a little odd with taking things into the garden to photograph them. Hanging bunting in our apple tree was one of tho,se moments!

    I like all you’ve been doing recently and really like your photography blog, what a great idea!


  3. Sonia says:

    Okay, so you’ve inspired me BIG time.
    I will have a go at this and make sure you get to see the finished result.
    I may make a little person version too for my friends little one…
    I love your creativity 🙂


  4. renee says:

    Wow this is great i have been trying too make from this crochet book a dress crochet on top too much for a beginner, here it is , making this one for sure with your help renee by


  5. niasunset says:

    First of all I should say this, your colours are amazing, they are so well chosen… So artistic… And second one, I loved it so much…. I want to make it, no, there is not any child in my home but I can make a gift to my little friends… Thank you dear Janette, you are fascinating me in every post… With my love, nia


  6. dane says:

    très jolie cette petite robe, le tissus est adorable et agrémentées des carrés c’ est spectaculaire j’ aime beaucoup nous avons des passions en communs !! bises dane je reviendrais plus tard


  7. Jenny Whitehead says:

    Could you please direct me to a pattern that I could use for the granny squares? I have tried making the squares from a few different patterns and they turn out way too small or way too large. My daughter is a petite 3 1/2 year old… just to give you an idea of the size I am working with. Any suggestions you have would be greatly appreciated. I have no idea how to check responses to my post so if you could message me via Facebook… I would be sooo thankful!


    I have been wanting to make this for MONTHS… ever since I found your blog 😉 This is super cute. Thanks for posting.


  8. Bridgette says:

    I have found this pattern very simple to make. Thanks for posting this…… Also, for those who want to make one of these dresses even more quick & simple, try using a pillowcase as your fabric and most of the work is already done for you!! 🙂


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