Summer holidays

We’ve just spent a lovely few days camping on the east coast of the north island at Ohope.

SpinifexThe campground is in a beautiful spot, with a lovely windswept beach on one side and an estuary on the other.

Estuary The campground was pretty busy – as is any beachy spot this time of year – but we got out early on a couple of mornings and had the beach all to ourselves.

We are also spent a morning wading in the mud when the tide was out in the estuary which the kids adored, finding all kinds of creatures…

starfish…and generally squleching a skwerching about!

Estuary mudThe kids also managed to catch a few giant fish from the jetty… don’t worry they all went back in.

the big catchThis really is a very beautiful piece of New Zealand…

OhopeWe had a lovely time camping together as a family, the children really had a blast. Carter especially, he really didn’t want to come home and Im pretty sure living in a tent is an almost three year old boy’s idea of heaven!

But boy is it good to be home! My own shower (no trek across country to the communal showers, a long wait for a piddly shower – all the while trying not to look at the hair in the drain and sand on the floor – and then to find by the time you get back to the tent your feet are as sandy and dirty as they were before you left), 47 trips to the bathroom per day because no one can combine their toilet stops, dinner cooked in an actual kitchen (not over a gas burner) and including freshly picked vegetables from our garden, children tucked up in their own beds, in their own rooms by 7pm (not 9pm cause it sure is noisy and bright in a tent when you are in a campground – and fun to bounce around on the beds right next to Mum and Dad) and tonight, joy of all joys… my. own. bed. Good night!

13 thoughts on “Summer holidays

  1. stocki says:

    What a lovely trip! You made me very nostalgic for holidays with our little ones…. I never knew that New Zealand was that beautiful (excuse my ignorance)! and yes, the wonderful pleasures of home cannot be denied can they? :)x


  2. Joanne says:

    I loved your description of the joys of camping, really make me laugh. There’s nothing like it to remind you there’s no place like home.
    Your photos are wonderful, it makes you enjoy the holiday more if you know the children are having the best time ever.


  3. beberouge says:

    Wow we were thinking of holidaying in NZ this year but choose the gold coast instead these photos make me question that choice. It looks so beautiful, it must have been lovely to be surrounded by all that lovely nature. Though I can understand it being good to be home as we recently went camping and all I can say is it was alot more fun as a kid when you just played out doors all day and didn’t have to struggle to cook dinner without a stove and co-ordinate sleeping time while all in one tent lol.


  4. ducklingsinarow says:

    I miss NZ. We lived there for two years before we had kids and did a bunch of camping and tramping when we were not at University. We would love to come back and take the kids to see such a beautiful place. Thanks for sharing!


  5. Janette says:

    Thanks to everyone for your lovely comments, NZ truely is a gorgeous country and if you ever do get the chance to visit… COME! Not that I’m biased but I’ve travelled the world over and really no where compares 🙂


  6. Liz says:

    Your photos are awesome, the colors are heavenly. I have always wanted to come to your part of the world…I’ve heard New Zealand is gorgeous. Thanks for sharing with us:)


  7. niasunset says:

    January… in here it is winter and in there it is summer…. I always forget this point. When I read this post I remembered… How beautiful these photographs… almost carried me the summer touches to my humble world… Thank you dear Janette, with my love, nia


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