Goodness me, this post is long overdue.  You see when we were away camping I hurt my back, this week I have been back at work (alternating meetings with sitting at a computer) and my back has been agony.  Needless to say when I got home each afternoon the last thing I felt like doing was sitting back down at my computer!  Anyway, I’ve been to the physio and I can report it is now much much better… fixed even!!  Now, if that calf muscle I hurt this morning while out for a run would only settle down… Old age, people. Its a terrible thing.

Ok, back to the camping report. We visited the beautiful seaside settlement of Ohope, this was the third year we have camped at this spot (and yes we are booked in to return next year)… it is very picturesque:Ohope 1Although the camping ground is nestled between the beach and harbor,  this year we seemed to spend more time around the camp, bike riding and in the swimming pool.

Carter on his bikeMaia did fit in a few boogie board lessons… which she took to like a fish to water.Ohope 13The camp ground also has its own mini putt, and playground. Both of which were used extensively…. Turns out my husbands competitive streak also extends to family games 😦Ohope  18One night we drove a short distance to the Ohiwa Oyster farm and enjoyed the best fish (Snapper), oysters and chips ever. Oh and hot dogs – when on holiday we let them choose what they want to eat, and apparently a hot dog is better than straight-from-the-sea fish any day!Ohope  14We ate while enjoying this view from the picnic table out the front, pity the tide wasn’t in, it would have been even more picturesque:  Ohope 7Another questionable meal choice… this breakfast concoction: Carter's breakfastMarshmallows anyone?Maia marshmallow

In between the camping chores (cooking, dishes etc) everybody spent lots of time relaxing (well as relaxing as it can be around an almost four year old with the energy of at least three normal children).Ohope 16We love camping…

Ohope 6So how about you, do you go camping or have you ever taken your kids camping?

Ohope 10Back soon with some crafty makings to share! Love Janette x x x

PS. If you are interested you can check out last year’s Ohope camping post here – seems like to was really into more landscapy photos last year!!

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