Scavenger hunting

The weather is certainly warming up, and while we have been having a lot of rain of late and the wind has been a little chilly, the children are very glad to be spending more time outdoors.

Most afternoons we go for a walk, just around our street and to the park which is right  across from our house – we are really very lucky to have a beautiful park so close to home.

Every time we go out on one of these excursions, we (myself included) always come home with some ‘treasures’ which we have collected. So what activity could be better suited to these afternoon rambles than a scavenger hunt?  Scavenger hun A couple of nights ago I made up a series of cards; included a word for the learner reader to tackle and picture so the two year old could understand what he needed to collect to take part, made sure they were small enough to fit in little hands and laminated so if they got dropped in the mud they wouldn’t be ruined.

Yesterday afternoon, off we went small baskets in hand searching firstly around our section and then over to the park for treasures.

I didn’t make the list too long, choosing only those cards which I was fairly sure we could find easily at this time of year.

When we got home Maia and Carter were proud to line up all the things they had found… and eagerly awaited their prize (…hey wait a minute, what do you mean prize? I didn’t see that one coming).

Scavenger hunThe only thing we weren’t able to find was a feather, but a thorough search of the hen house still produced some treasure…Scavenger hunIf you would like to have a go at our scavenger hunt at your place, Ive linked a pdf of the cards for you to print and laminate. Pick and choose which ones you use, Ive also included some options for a wet day hunt inside the house.

Green Dragonfly Scavenger Hunt (pdf)

If you can think of any more items to add, leave a comment and Ill see what I can do 😉

Hope you are having a fun weekend! Janette x

6 thoughts on “Scavenger hunting

  1. Sandra McDowell says:

    What a lovely idea. I used to do similar things when my older boys were little but they’re not so keen anymore so I kind of forget to do it with the younger ones. Must do it again. Thanks for the inspiration!
    Sandra x


  2. Sara says:

    Hi Janette. I really like this idea. And how nice of your to share a pdf for everyone to print! Looks like something that fun to share with my little girls. Wishing you a happy weekend. 🙂


  3. Jess says:

    Thank you so very much! I just completed the Sew Liberated Kids Nature explorer bag for my girls to take on hikes, and these cards are perfect, saving me time!


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