In my sketchbook

Well my navy blue crochet top is officially in the naughty spot. It’s been a bit hit and miss, love the color and the yarn, but the pattern has been a bit less intuitive than I like… earlier in the week while crocheting in front of the TV I messed up and didn’t realise for quite a few rows (read nights) so had a major unravel to get back to where the mistake was. Then last night when I was admiring my handiwork (most of both sides now finished) I realised I’ve used a bigger hook on this section than I began the garment with. Gah.  Unravel? Continue and pretend I didn’t notice? Ignore it for a few days/weeks/months??  I’ll report back soon.

So I thought I’d share something that I do enjoy working on at present, my sketch book…sketchbook36I have always loved to draw… it is when I feel most at peace with myself.

sketchbook38 sketchbook37 Here are some of my favourite pages…sketchbook21 sketchbook23 sketchbook31 sketchbook32sketchbook20sketchbook28sketchbook29sketchbook30sketchbook25sketchbook26sketchbook33sketchbook24I could spend all day, every day drawing. I wish I did! The last one Ill share with you is this one;sketchbook27A very important message dear friends!sketchbook 40And before I go, a few more shots of that beautiful spring blossom 🙂sketchbook34 sketchbook35sketchbook 41You’re welcome! I feel better already. Now I’m off to find a little crochet project I can work on and complete quickly… xxooxx ~ Janette



I had to stop when I rode past the gardens on my bike today… the flowers were just glorious!  Spring tulips 6 Spring tulips 5

They were an almost shocking contrast to the bare branches of the surrounding trees…

Spring tulips 4I love the color of spring 🙂Spring tulips 7

How Ive missed you red, pink, purple, yellow and orange…Spring tulips 3

Spring tulips 2

I must bring the children back for a photo on that park bench! Spring tulips

What’s blooming in your world? xx


Chick 4 Chick 3 Chick 2Mabel has been sitting on eggs and today three chicks hatched… They are absolute cuteness! The children are in love (and I think I may be too) ♥


It seems like life to have picked up the pace a notch or three recently… here’s a bit of what we’ve been up to the past week or so.

Enjoying being outside:Spring in our yardMaking lots of these:Rainbow bands bracelets 3 maia and rainbow bandsWatching the bees hard at work:Bee in the borageCrocheting (starting a lot, finishing a little): Doily 100Loving the ripe juicy sweetness of spring strawberries: Strawberries in a chipEnjoying foxgloves in my vege garden: FoxglovesWaiting patiently for my potatoes to be ready:Potatoes gardenSmelling this gorgeous geranium every time I brush past:Geranium pinkEating lots of lovely light meals now the weather is warmer:Veges and dipMarveling at the eggs that fell when a blackbird nest blew out of the tree in our yard:Blackbird eggMore crocheting (I must confess that while I’m quite fond of these wee mice, my children inform me they look like goblin mice. Thanks guys, tell me what you really think why don’t ya):Crochet mice in a tea cupLoving self seeded aquilegias:Aquilegia purplePlanting (well need to get planting) these verbena:VerbenaFeeling more than a little bit tired, and glad tomorrow is Friday! How is your week going? x Janette

Spring giveaway

Here’s something to brighten your week and mine…GiveawayTo be honest, I’ve been planning a giveaway for a while (like since my birthday in August). However I didn’t get organized and here we are at the end of September already, so lets call this a spring giveaway. If you’ve been reading a while you will know that spring is my favorite season ♥

September 2013 GiveawayThe small bag is made by me, and perfect for your crochet bits and bobs. I’ve included a new crochet hook, a retractable tape measure (I have one the very same and use it all the time), and some new (and very sharp) needles to make sewing in all those pesky ends a little easier. My favorite Whittakers chocolate, some hand made coasters for setting your favorite cup on (also made by yours truly), and a couple of chamomile tea bags (these are my favorite variety for unwinding with at the end of a long day) are included for the next time you need to have a cuppa and something sweet. There’s also a meter or so of these ‘handmade’ labels for stitching to your work – I love the design of these and have some myself too 🙂

handmade labelsThis giveaway is open to anyone anywhere in the world, just leave a comment below and let me know something that’s your favorite right now! I’ll draw the winner on Sunday October 6, 2013. Have a happy week, love Janette xox

Weekend wrap up and it’s finally finished!

I was hoping to share a new tutorial with you today but my computer has gone on the blink so that’s going to have to wait until I can get the disturbing noise its currently making sorted out (I really don’t want it to blow up, but it is 5+ years old – so I’m expecting the worst). I have to admit to being more than a little panicky about the 20,000 (this is no exaggeration!) photos I’ve got stored on there not being properly backed up. I’m interested to know, how do you store your photos?

So to improve my spirits – and I hope yours – here are a few photos from the weekend. The baptism went very well, Max was perfectly behaved, with not so much as a squawk… And my Dad really enjoyed his dinner out with the family too 🙂

While we were there we managed to get down to the beach…20130917-211340.jpg20130917-211422.jpg

The children really love playing with their cousins, and even though it was a bit windy, it was warm enough20130917-211802.jpg

I grew up on this beach, and I really miss the sea air, and the sand beneath my toes…20130917-211917.jpg

Maia’s not that keen on it though, funny girl! Too itchy, she says…20130917-212003.jpg

As I mentioned last week, I finally finished up my iPad case. I love it, mind you it’s so bright and cheerful it’s hard not to! I promise to post a ‘how to’, just as soon as I can. Until then, here are a few photos…20130917-212234.jpg20130917-212312.jpg20130917-212431.jpg

Hope your week is going well, I’m heading to Wellington tomorrow, I’ll try and post a pic or two on the GD Facebook page xo J.