Its been very busy around here, and quite some time since there’s been an update. So here you go:

The big news is that Carter broke his arm… a first for our family. Here he is the day he broke it:Carter the day he broke his armAnd exactly one week later with his new glow in the dark(!) cast. It hasn’t slowed him down much!Carter's broken armIt’s always fun to visit the zoo…

Maia and Carter at the zooEspecially when we saw these guys there:

MeercatsThe first autumn leaves are falling – which are beautiful, but make me a little bit sad all the same…LeafThe garden has been plentiful – especially in the grape department.

Grapes2Maybe too plentiful, because the wasps are feasting if we are not fast enough! Wasps eating our grapesIm loving this new clip….lazy wrap bunAnd planting cyclamens like they are going out of fashion…CyclaminsDid you see the lunar eclipse? Here’s what it looked like from our place, the small dot out to the side is Mars! The children were very excited 🙂

Lunar eclipseWe baked…

Easter cookiesand decorated Easter cookies, using this recipe:Easte cookie decorating 2

We visited the beach over Easter… and Maia and Carter love spending time with their cousins:Kids at the beach Easter 2014And eating lots of chocolate of course! Here’s what Easter Bunny brought this year, we have a tradition that he always brings a book, but this year he also (very wisely) brought a new toothbrush and tooth paste – what a smart bunny! Easter bunny basket 2014They just keep on smiling… Maia and Carter tree smallWhat’s happening in your part of the world?

12 thoughts on “Snippets

  1. Jennifer Hill says:

    Ah, poor Carter! Love all your snippets. Couldn’t see the eclipse here (England) – thanks for the photo! It’s beginning to warm up here and lots of flowers in the garden already. Btw, how do you get such a neat bun?!! Have a good w/e, Jen


  2. Carina says:

    The somehow “shifted seasonal cycle” amazes me (and always will). Easter at the end of summer, early fall at your end when there is finally green over here. Great pictures – thank you for sharing!


  3. Rose Griffin says:

    Hi from North Carolina, I hope Carter a very speedy recovery. I broke my wrist last summer, it’s not fun to wear a cast during the summer! I love your hair clip, very beautiful. I love reading your blog and look forward to new postings. Your garden is just beautiful! Thank you so much for all the wonderful ideas and crochet patterns!


    • Janette says:

      Thank you Rose! He is fine, it hasn’t really slowed him down much – more me running around after him constantly making sure he is ok (and my heart misses a beat each time he falls over – which is frequently!!!)


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