Pukemokemoke walk

We took another family bush walk, this time to Pukemokemoke. This bush reserve is spread over 40ha and is only about 25 minutes from our place.

Here are a few shots from the trip:

We managed to nab another walker leaving the track for a family shot before we set off:Pukemokemoke 1I love the cool, quiet peace of the bush. It was especially lovely given how hot and muggy the day was:Pukemokemoke  2The children race ahead, and Carter especially loves to explore…Pukemokemoke  4Stunning greenery:Pukemokemoke  5On route rests and refueling:Pukemokemoke  3Unusual spider webs:Pukemokemoke 9Could you resist this face?Pukemokemoke  6Turns out I can’t so someone got a piggy back for the remainder of the climb:Pukemokemoke 7Never mind,

At the top we were treated to spectacular view across the entire Waikato:Pukemokemoke 12 Pukemokemoke 11After a picnic lunch everyone managed the walk back down on their own two feet (phew!). If you live nearby its a nice short walk (about 1.5hrs), and if you are interested here’s some information about the reserve (click on the photo to enlarge it so you can read the print). You can check out our other bush walks here and here.

Pukemokemoke 8What did you get up today? xxJanette df

21 thoughts on “Pukemokemoke walk

  1. Su says:

    I live in Belgium. I am extrêmely pleased to follow you, and thank you for your positive spirit. I am amazed to discover you country through your personnal experiences and appréciate your craft, specially the choice/combination of colors. I wish you all the best!!!!!


  2. Little Miss Ling says:

    Ah Janette. You and your family are so inspiring. If we decide to have kids, I hope our family will be like yours! So close-knit and always ready to go on new adventures! Oh heck. Even if we don’t have kids, I hope we can be like you guys! Ling x


  3. jen says:

    Hi, what a beautiful place you live in. I love seeing it through your eyes. I live in the UK, we have been having a lot of rain. We are lucky as a lot of people have been flooded. All the best from Rainy UK x


  4. onoodlesstitchcraft says:

    Looks like a fabulous place. When our boys were little we spent a lot of time on family rambles like that (not as exotic here in the UK!) and they have grown up to appreciate! Thanks for sharing x


  5. thegrangerange.wordpress.com says:

    What an idyllic was to spend the day, we used to take the children camping and they do so love to be outdoors and free to roam and explore. Don’t you find that kids have an aversion to walking on the pathways, they tend to run and jump all over the place zigzagging everywhere?


  6. heather says:

    What a gorgeous place for a hike! I’m loving that our kids are starting to be able to walk a little longer now that they are getting older. It’s so fun to explore outside.


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