Sunday bush walk

bushwalk 17This morning we took a family bush walk in the native forest at the base of Mt Pirongia. bushwalk 2We printed information sheets about the native forest and the children had a lot of fun identifying trees and plants.bushwalk 4We encountered some amazing specimens of huge Miro, Kahikatea and Rimu. The height of these giants is awe inspiring (they were from 30m to almost 60m tall)bushwalk 18There were also an amazing variety of tiny plants as well…

bushwalk 14But perhaps the highlight for the children was the stream we encountered at one point along the walk. bushwalk 1There was plenty of exploring and rock throwing.bushwalk 12Not to mention treasure finding. I love these decomposing leaves…bushwalk 9So delicate, yet strongbushwalk 10And beautiful colored volcanic river stones… I feel another crochet rock phase coming on! bushwalk 19Any small crayfish were definitely staying in hiding…bushwalk 5There was a perfectly positioned seat to enjoy our lunch…bushwalk 6It was unbelievably quiet and peaceful. We met only one other group the entire time we were on the track. bushwalk 13The children loved it and there wasn’t one instance of moaning or groaning the entire walk.bushwalk 15The children were tired, but didn’t want the walk to end… so we are already planning our next family bush walk. Apparently we need to find some caves next time! bushwalk 11My favorite find of the day was this heart shaped river stone.bushwalk 8What did you do this weekend? Have you been bush walking with your family?

28 thoughts on “Sunday bush walk

  1. Beth says:

    Really beautiful. The stream looks so inviting. Not many streams in the Arizona desert where I live. πŸ˜‰ What a great day for you and your family.


  2. annamariefield says:

    Hi There, Nice to see children still enjoying outings like that!!!! Nothing even remotely the same here in the Kalahari Desert!!! But it has it’s own beauty and charm!!!! Have a wonderful week!!!


  3. Pam Raywood says:

    OMG!!!!!!1 I so enjoyed your pictures and the children looked like they were having such a good time. The memories they will take with them over the years is amazing. What a beautiful place to visit. My favorite was the stream and all those glorious rocks. I am a rock nut. I have quite a collection myself. What a wonderful adventure for you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  4. jen says:

    What a lovely weekend. I live in England its been raining all day, so the only thing to do is sit and crochet. Have a good week. X


  5. Rachael says:

    Whatipu on the west coast of Auckland is great for caves.
    Bushwalking is a fave for our family coz with eight kids twelve years apart in age it is one thing that we can do all together.


    • Janette says:

      Thanks, that’s a great tip. I’ll have to google and see what I can find out about them. Maybe you guys could come own to the Waikato and check out Pirongia! Have an awesome week. Xx


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