Never ending stairway

Today we took a family walk up the Hakarimata ranges

Hakarimata walkwayIt started off gently enough, the lower track runs through the bush along side a lovely creek and there are lots of small waterfalls.Hakarimata walkway 2The initial goal was to make it to the Hakarimata dam which only took us about 20 minutes. It was lovely and peaceful, there was (as I’m sure you can imagine) a lot of stone throwing, exploring and a little picnicking.Hakarimata damSince everyone was in such high spirits we decided to make the trip to the summit. After all it was only about 2kms… how hard could it be?Hakarimata dam 2There is a very good reason why there are no photos between this point and the summit, actually there were a number of reasons… they are called stairs.  Between the dam and the lookout we climbed 1306 of them and believe me it was pretty much straight up hill.  As you can imagine we did question our initial enthusiasm at a number of points along the way, but once we started there was no turning back. Maia knocked our socks off, she did the whole climb by herself…Hakarimata summit MaiaCarter spent approximately 60% of the journey on my back and the other 40% of it over Paul’s shoulder. I’m guessing he climbed maybe 100 stairs.

It was well worth it for the amazing views across the Waikato. Hakarimata summitAnd after a well deserved rest and picnic lunch we retraced our steps.

Down…Hakarimata walkway 4Down….Hakarimata walkway 3Down… Hakarimata walkway 6All the way to the bottom. Ill put money on us all sleeping VERY soundly tonight! xxx

33 thoughts on “Never ending stairway

  1. Pam Raywood says:

    What a beautiful place you live in. My favorite picture is the one of your daughter by the stream and waterfall. All those stones lying around in the water. I collect stones from different places. I would have loved to reach in and pick one up. What a lovelly day ya’ll had.


  2. wendy says:

    Wow what a fantastic walk!! Don’t think my old knee would like it but have done an assortment
    of walks while visiting nz and the climb for views is certainly worth it lol.
    Gorgeous family ☺


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