Twiggy dragonflies

Carter and I are really birds of a feather, always collecting random bits and pieces whenever we are out. He has a good eye for interesting things we can make stuff with… like twigs and seed pods;Twigs twig dragonflyWhich, of course, we made into dragonflies…Carter holding dragonfly twig dragonflyThat were rather dull, and decidedly un-dragonfly-like colors: Carter painting dragonflySo we painted them in lovely blues and greens…twig dragonfly twig dragonflies twig dragonflies 2He was very proud of the finished dragonflies and I think they really turned out gorgeously!  Sometimes it’s the simple ideas that turn out the best ♥

But the story didn’t end there, when we finished the dragonflies he wanted to paint a picture, here it is – don’t you love the bunny?

Carter's paintingAnd here is a little video of him explaining what the painting is about (I love how sing-songy his story becomes):

PS. Thank you for all the beautiful comments on the last post, you are the best blog readers… that really should be friends, ever! xx

62 thoughts on “Twiggy dragonflies

  1. Thelma says:

    What lovely Dragonflies and who but a wonderful child would have thought to use leaves and twigs..just wish I could find twigs like that..


    • Janette says:

      Thanks Thelma, We are lucky they were from a tree just outside our house, so we didn’t have to look far (and they fall all over the sidewalk too) he comes up with some amazing ideas, especially for a boy who is 4! xxx


  2. Lluisa says:

    What a lovely idea the dragonflies, the painting it’s so cute and the way he sings the story, my gosh, you can tell he is a little artist, wonderful!!



  3. Angel Jem says:

    Kids are brilliant storytellers, very often they have natural rhythm and pitch in their stories that mean we Adults get a glimpse of how much fun Icelandic sagas and other oral traditions must have been. Love the craft and the story. Thank you!


    • Janette says:

      I agree, left to their own devices their inner voice comes out… And it’s so lovely to hear the explanation recently he’s got very good at giving a story to go with his pictures.


  4. gentlestitches says:

    Those dragonflies are quite wonderful. They are really beautiful. Carter is a gifted artist and engaging storyteller AND cute as a button. 🙂


  5. Carine07 says:

    Your boy is very creative: dragonflies made from twigs and seed pods (maple tree?), a nice painting, and a very cute story about it.


  6. Shawna Murray says:

    What a wonderful mom raising a sweet, boy. The creativity that you are helping him to develop will serve the world well! We need more moms like you in this world!


  7. Beth says:

    Oh bless him. What a lovely little singing voice!!! And I LOVE the dragonflies. I am taking 19 girls on guide camp in a few weekends time and am ‘craft co-ordinator’ (very posh!), I had already decided we would be making recycled woodland bugs using the materials found in the forest, but I might take some paint with me now as well and encourage an entire gaggle of dragonflies!!! Maybe some of them will fly across the pond to visit you. =D xxx


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