Thank you for all of your amazing comments on the last post, Carter thoroughly enjoyed being the center of attention, and loved hearing them all 🙂 He’s even been referring to himself as the story teller!

The days recently seem to be passing by so quickly. Sometimes I just want to hold on to a moment and savor it a while, do you ever feel that way? Here are some (mostly crafty) moments from the past week.

Maia beadingMaia is loving these beads – you melt them together with the iron (I have to say I think this is a much better use for the appliance than getting wrinkles out of clothes!). Too bad an extraordinary number of beads end up on the floor, and in fact, all over the house.

Bead work I finished off a couple of small purses. Ill be sharing a pattern for these soonish, maybe even tomorrow if I get organized.Doliy bag 1And while the sewing machine was out, made a new book bag for our resident bookworm.

Book BagAnd a lining for this little project. For some reason its taking forever (I have no motivation to finish it, heaven only knows why)…Tiny crochet squares Push came to shove in the lounge room this week, and I had to clear out some of the yarn which was taking over (and then some) a whole corner of the room. I sorted some from bins into draws… very neatly of course!

Crichet cottonsThe rest made its way to the spare room. I also ‘found’ a few half finished projects, which gave me a much needed respite from (excuse to stop) cleaning/sorting/chucking out. One was this crochet mandala in blues which I made ages ago and never got around to sewing in the ends. Carter was so excited (as you can see) when I said he can have it… in the past few days its been a mat in his room, a teddy blanket, a costume (cape), a hiding spot (its really good for hiding under Mum), but mostly a snuggly in bed at night. I sewed in the ends – which took all of 10 minutes.

Carter and blue crochet blanket 2 Have I ever mentioned that Paul, Maia and I have brown and hazel eyes? Carter’s are beautiful blue…Carter and blue crochet blanketWe went to the zoo this afternoon… it was a lovely sunny day – the first after a week or more of rain. We have a family pass, it’s been such a good investment.

Ducks at the zooThis made me laugh, I’m not sure who was watching who?MeercatFinally, here’s a pretty spring posy I picked from my garden.Spring posyTomorrow is the first day of spring AND fathers day here in New Zealand… it’s sure to be a good day! How’s your week going? Love Janette xx

31 thoughts on “Moments…

  1. Claire (mrsbrownmakes) says:

    Hi Jeanette, a really lovely collection of pictures and stories. We have a family of brown and hazel eyes too – all except my eldest daughter who has blue. Summer is still hanging on here (Norfolk, UK), but the light is changing and Autumn is on the way – I wonder whether I’d be able to find a posy from my garden that’s so pretty. x


    • Janette says:

      I think that’s how you know summer is on the way out- the light changes, becomes deeper and less bright somehow. Here’s hoping it hangs around for a little while longer for you:)


  2. Joanne says:

    Aren’t those beads the best? My eldest is 12 but HE and his dirt-biking, skate-board-riding, salmon-fishing mates still think they are the coolest… which warms my heart every time! 🙂


  3. Lisa says:

    Your kids are so beautiful! Thank your for sharing pics with us!! It’s fun to watch them grow too along with you!! They are so precious!! Hugz Lisa and Bear


  4. Miki Kuwabara Photography says:

    This was a wonderful & upbeat blog post to read. Thanks for sharing!
    As for the beads ending up everywhere, have you tried a breakfast tray or something similar with edges to corral the beads? I worked at a summer camp a while back and having the children work their projects on trays kept the mess to a minimum. It may be worth a try.
    Oh, and I love the photo of Carter treasuring his new blue “mat-teddy blanket-costume (cape)-hiding spot-snuggly”! Priceless!


  5. bartynboz says:

    I loved reading your blog Janette, it is so interesting and up-lifting. Your photography is gorgeous and thank-you for sharing your family with us all – it is a privilege to see and read about you all. Love the crotchet bag! Best wishes.


  6. nights7 says:

    My kids love those beads and they’re very good for developing fine motor skills. Sometimes using a not tiny pair or tweezers helps my little guy (he’s 4) pick them up. And, yes, they do get everywhere!


  7. annamariefield says:

    Hi Janette, Happy Spring Day to you and your family!!!It will be Spring here too but at the moment is feels like deep winter!!!It’s really very very cold for the first time this winter!!!Lovely post!!Can’t wait for the pattern for those cute little purses!!!Have a great day!!!


  8. Joy says:

    Lovely post and a very high climb …. love your little purses and eagerly await the pattern …. lovely spring flowers too …… we are having a gorgeous extended summer here in England and I am enjoying the warmth very much … love Joy xx 🙂


  9. livingsimplyfree says:

    I am so far behind in my reading, finally found this post. Your son is such a happy child and very photogenic. My boys made many things with those beads when they were younger as well. Zoos are not my favorite place, the animals look so sad. The last time I visited one a orangutang was fed up with everyone watching him that he grabbed a blanket and covered himself from head to toe, only one hand was visible. Every now and then he would lift the blanket from his head and look to see if he was still being watched, when he realized he still had an audience he would cover back up. Those around me loved the show, but all I could feel was sadness for him.


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