Make your own dinosaur soft toy

This week I whipped Carter up a big soft toy dinosaur… he loves it- and maybe you might know a little boy (or girl) who might like one too…

Dinosaur soft toy free pattern You will need about 30cm of fleece, a small amount of contrasting material for the spots and felt for the spikes. Ive included a copy of the pattern for you to print here.

Cut out 2 of the pattern on the wrong side of your fleece:

Dinosaur soft toy free pattern And the eyes, the spots and the spikes.  I didn’t include the spots or eyes on the pattern…  these bits are what gives each dino its own personality so let your creativity go wild (ok… I admit I forgot to add them :)). Carter’s dino has 11 spikes, but this could vary depending how close you space them so Ill leave the number of these up to you. Choose a heavyish felt so the spikes stand up.

Once you have all the bits cut out, sew the eyes and spots on the RIGHT side of each piece.

Then with RIGHT SIDES TOGETHER pin the spikes in place – evenly down the length of the entire body/tail.  They will be facing downward (if that makes sense), in between your two body pieces of fabric with the spike facing the toes and the long piece of the triangle getting caught between your seam along the top of the dino.  I hope this makes sense! Once you’ve pinned it, sew the entire way around (allowing about 1cm seam allowance) leaving a 5cm ‘hole’ in the belly between the legs to stuff it.

Dinosaur soft toy free pattern Take care not to catch the tip of the spike in the seam on the other side of the neck… Like this. Ahem… unpick and resew if you do.

Dinosaur soft toy free pattern Snip any bulky seams and turn right side in, using a knitting needle or something similar to poke the corners (carefully) out. Stuff it and hand sew the final seam closed… give to impatiently waiting child… who doesn’t put it down for the rest of the day!

Dinosaur soft toy free pattern Enjoy! Hope you are having a lovely weekend, Jxx

68 thoughts on “Make your own dinosaur soft toy

  1. Claire says:

    Really really cute!! I must make this for my sister-out-law (they’re not married lol)… she LOVES dinosaurs… she’s 41 lol …. but she will LOVE it!!! Thanks 🙂 xx


  2. Sarah - Crafts from the Cwtch says:

    Hi Janette, Another GORGEOUS idea – I know a boy who would love this!!!! Might keep it up my sleeve for Christmas – I’m determined to make more this year.

    Thanks for your recent comment. I have to tell you I’ve been having problems commenting on some blogs from my iPad lately too. Much easier to read them on there, but not so great to comment. Anyway, it’s lovely to hear from you 😀

    I just made one of the Hello Kitty hats from Crochet in Color and saw your comment on the post. Did you ever make one? It looked like something I could imagine seeing here!

    Have a great week


  3. Amanda Littler says:

    Absolutely loved this dino, so just made my first toy for my grand -daughter Olivia. Your pattern and instructions were so easy to follow. Thank you x


  4. Tammy B. says:

    Wow! How stinking cute! I am doing a Dino shower for my daughter! This will be perfect! Thanks so much for sharing this Dino pattern! I don’t sew, but I think even I can handle this one! So very excited, I may even make me one! Sew glad I found you!


  5. marjtrundle says:

    Thank-you for this pattern. I was searching google for a dinosaur pattern and came across your lovely pattern. This is just perfect for what I want. I know a dear little boy who is mad on dinosaurs and I have some left over Ponti fabric that looks like dinosaur skin, so I want to make him one. I am so grateful for your generosity of making it free.


  6. Maryann Gilbert Neal says:

    Thank you so much for posting this tutorial! I am having my first grandchild in September. It’s a boy. My son absolutely LOVED dinosaurs as a child, so I thought I’d make one for his baby boy. It is adorable. Greatly appreciate the pattern. God bless.


  7. Cathy says:

    Thank you for the free dinosaur pattern I love sewing softies and sewing dolls I make toys every year for The Mirabel Foundation in Melbourne Australia and this pattern will be great for a boy.


  8. Susan says:

    Thank you SOOOO much for the pattern! My 3rd old daughter LOVES dinosaur, she carry it around everywhere, my husband suggested cut the few smaller spikes for head and tail which makes it look more like stegosaurus!

    My daughter bagged me to make her a four leg version of this dinosaur, unfortunately I am not skillful enough every try I run into dead end. The dino’s belly was always flat so it won’t stand up properly and looks more like a water dinosaur. Could you please help?


  9. Zuzana says:

    I loved your dinosaur and I made one for my daughter, too. I recently posted it on my blog, I hope you do not mind that I mentioned your blog – in fact I recommended your tutorial to the others. It is very well done. Thanks a lot. If you would like to see the post on my blog, here are the links:
    in English:
    and in French:


  10. Tracie says:

    I can’t believe I found this!! My son requested a long neck dinosaur some months ago and I can’t draw well enough to make the pattern nor did I find one online. A huge thanks for making it for me! He is going to love this dinosaur and his mama even more for making it:)


  11. Joy says:

    I’ve just made one of these for my three year old. I just altered it by adding a belly panel (in a contrasting fabric) to give the dinosaur 4 legs. I’ve also JUST realised that I forgot to add the spikes! Aah! How can I post a photo?


  12. Hazel says:

    That is so cool and Carter really seemed to love it. I need to make a soft toy dinosaur for a friend’s son’s birthday in July and this is perfect. His favourite colour is pink tho so definitely a different colour scheme will be required! Thankfully I have an old pair of pink fleece pj bottoms that can be recycled 😉


  13. Hazel says:

    I’ve made mine at last it looks a bit wonky and gathered in places so hoping stuffing it will take that out. Fingers crossed. Will post photo once finished x


      • Hazel says:

        I’m hoping to stuff him/her in the next few days and will definitely send photos once complete. I didn’t add a spike where the neck curves into the body but it’s left a gap. I made a spotted neckerchief yesterday to fill said gap! So it’s very well dressed!! I’ve allowed 2 months to make mine there was no way I could do it in a few days as I have quite severe M.E. I also sewed my spots and eyes on by hand using blanket stitch and embroidery thread as I can do that in bed and it’s easier for me than using the machine. I haven’t quite got the hang of sewing curved lines/circles neatly with my machine yet! I’m very chuffed with it all so far and loved using your pattern, thanks for sharing it xxxx


  14. Hazel says:

    Hurrah! Finished at last. Unfortunately I can’t upload a photo here but I’ll try and put some up on your Facebook page. My Facebook name is Farnsworth Schofield-Smith but you’ll know it’s me as my dinosaur is bright pink!
    Hazel xxx


  15. Anne Terpstra says:

    Hello, I have a year 12 student with Autism, with whom I do sewing. She loves dinosaurs and we are using your pattern. She would like to sell the ones she makes for bit of pocket money. Is that okay by you?

    Kind Regards,


  16. Lyra and Grandma x says:

    My Grandma is making me a purple dinosaur with 4 legs and flowers instead of spots! I am nearly 3 and I like purple and my dinosaur might have pink spikes because that is my next best colour.


  17. Rachel says:

    Just made this for my step daughters son. Used St.Louis Cardinals material, turned out Awesome! Thank you for such easy steps to follow!

    Ps….thats a really huge dinosaur! 🙂


  18. Catherine says:

    Thank you so much for generously sharing your great pattern and easy instructions. I just made this in red fleece for my 4 yr old grandson. I was thrilled with the results and know he will just love his new pal!
    Catherine (from Qld, Australia)


  19. Anna says:

    Thank you very much for this wonderful tutorial and pattern. Im so excited to make this for my loving 6 year old daughter whom as a love for dinosaurs.


  20. Kerry says:

    Thanks for the pattern. I made one yesterday. The pattern was easy to download and put together. Instructions easy to follow and I love the size.


  21. Regina Maria Jales says:

    Boa noite , gostaria muito de poder fazer esses bonecos dinossauros .pois teria como enviar os moldes agradeço muito . é para uma criança q ama dinossauros .Deus te abençoe obg Regina


  22. Dasaman Wijesinghe says:

    Thank you for the inspiration. I do a bit of sewing here and there and my friend suggested I make her daughter a toy, so I tried out your pattern.
    it came out so well that I ended up making three more – two to sell and one as a gift 🙂 plus one for my daughter as well


  23. Jan McMillan says:

    This pattern is so like one I made 30 years ago for my son so he could have a baby while I had a new one too (his brother). The original one went through some major overhauls and then got wrapped inside a duplicate I made which is now undergoing it’s own overhaul. Just imagine my surprise when I found the original inside! Thankyou for the pattern and the lovely picture of Carter holding him. It brought back many lovely memories. Maybe I’ll use this pattern for grandchildren when I get some.


  24. Catalina Castaneda says:

    definitely making one for my almost 2 year old, he loves dinosaurs lol even does the whole Rawrrrr lol. But question, is it just me or this dinosaur only has 2 legs? just want to make sure before I start cutting everything. Can anyone help me with this? is it just 2 legs?


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