Upcycled yoga skirt

I could really get into upcycling!  My Mum gave me this nightie (?) which she had brought a while ago (read pre-children) for me and never got around giving to me.  She asked if she should throw it out, but I really loved the print and colours so I brought it home and thought for a few days about what I could turn it into….

Ive been making these skirts for Maia recently…so snip snip, and a cotton lycra band later I present to you one gorgeous skirt.  In under 10 minutes!  Love it!

I’m on the hunt to see what else I can hack up for skirts; no seams, no hem… I even used the shirring that made the band in the middle instead of gathering, how much easier can it get?  I might have to make myself one! Because seriously people my daughter has waaaaaaaaaaay to many skirts… Any suggestions about a re-use for the top; Ive kept it of course 😉 xx

11 thoughts on “Upcycled yoga skirt

  1. Marybeth P. says:

    You could crochet a skirt to the bottom edge of the top..that could be cute. You could cut off the upper portion and make a tube top and then add your own crochet to the top and bottom to dress it up a bit. You could cut off the top into a rectangle and make a matching purse for the skirt.


  2. naidre says:

    I just started crocheting edging around the neck on some old tshirts. Cut out the neckline, and crochet a trim. You could crochet a cap sleeve and an insert in the cleavage to remake the top into a summer shirt for yourself.


  3. dane says:

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  4. nights7 says:

    This is a lovely little skirt. I love “up cycling” clothes and have made similar skirts out of t-shirts & dresses for both my daughter & myself. It’s quick fun and so cheap.


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