Dinosaur t-shirt

t rex dinosaur tee shirtAs you know Carter LOVES dinosaurs…  We draw dinosaurs, read about dinosaurs (I dont think there is a single dinosaur book left in our local library- they are all at our house), have an app about dinosaurs, watch dinosaurs on TV, eat dinosaur pasta for dinner… Im feeling like I pretty much know everything there is to know about dinosaurs right now!

I made the mistake a few days back of saying I could make him a dinosaur t-shirt…. ‘Really Mummy, you could make a t-shirt with a real t rex on it?’  ‘Yes darling, really!’ The excitement that ensued was without equal… and until it got started, relentless.

So we sat down and made one (together) one afternoon when Maia was at school. It was a pretty simple process really –  a google search to find a suitable dinosaur (t rex of course), printed it and cut it out… and copied it on to a piece of green (is there any other colour suitable for a dinosaur?) fabric.

t rex dinosaur tee shirtI appliqued it onto a t-shirt, going around the edge 3ish times for effect. What this photo doesn’t show you is my ‘helper’ twiddling with machine knobs, pulling at the thread, and at one point sitting under the table ‘helping’ to push the foot pedal….turns out he’s not that patient- who knew?t rex dinosaur tee shirtNever fear, it didnt take too long. I finally sewed on a blue (just like Carter’s) felt eye and we were done.  He loves it, wore it the rest of the day, to bed that night and all the next day!

In fact, Im pretty sure its only been off while it is in the wash and drying.

t rex dinosaur tee shirtI hope you are having a grreaaat week.  We did have a few days of sun, but alas this afternoon the rain has once again returned! Jxx

11 thoughts on “Dinosaur t-shirt

  1. Faith says:

    Great t-shirt, I have a friend who has taken her kids designs from their pictures and put them onto t-shirts, her six year old has a great robot on his which looks like it is from a really exclusive kids shop.

    I was once carefully placing some fabric in the right place when my machine started at top speed, I very nearly had my fingers sewn together…turns out smallest boy was playing under the table….super scary!


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