There’s a hole in my jeans….

It’s been one of those weeks, there is a lot going on and I don’t know where the days have gone.  On top of the extreme busyness (and Olympic games watching that keeps me up well into the night) Carter has caught a nasty little virus and is snotty and coughy. He was up this morning at 5 coughing away so everyone is very tired to boot. Im just grabbing a couple of minutes to finish this post because he has taken himself off to bed for a wee nap.  Seriously, is there anything cuter than a sleeping child?

Cute factor aside what I wanted to tell you about today was the hole in my jeans, my favourite jeans no less 😦 I suppose I shouldn’t be suprised when they are as well loved (ahem, worn) as they are… the pic makes it seem quite small, really it was a pretty sizable tear right across the knee. It’s definitely a no hope of no one noticing it kind of to patch jeanshow to patch jeansMuch needed sunshine and the heady anticipation of spring (or maybe it was tiredness) must have made me reckless… because I snipped away a little more and added a heart shaped patch!The patch makes me smile, much more so than the tear did… but not quite as much as beautiful blooming daffodils which have come out this week on my deck 😉

how to patch jeans Finally I want to show off my new yellow belt… do you like it?  I might have spend the rest of the winter hanging out on the deck with my glorious daffodils so as I blend in 🙂

8 thoughts on “There’s a hole in my jeans….

  1. Faith says:

    Poor Carter, hope he is already feeling better, and that you manage to all catch up on the sleep you need.

    Love the heart patch, definitely smile-worthy, and also love your yellow belt, great colour……daffs are gorgeous….what a lovely sunny post!


  2. rainbowjunkiecorner says:

    Great idea about the heart shaped patch. Maybe that’s what I should do to my jeans. I don’t have any I wear out at present because I only like the comfort fit sort that fit round the waist and they don’t seem available at present and my old ones all have holes. Mmmm.


  3. heather says:

    Love your patching idea. Adorable!! Also, really like your bracelets.

    And I love your daffodils! Especially, because here, they have been gone for months and I miss their sunny color!


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