Easy peasy…

twirly friendship bracelets how toIt’s school holiday’s here and the weather is nothing to write home about so we have been up to lots and lots of crafty activities.  I wanted to teach Maia to make friendship bracelets, I’m sure you know the ones, but unfortunately the knotting in order was a bit beyond what a 5 year old could manage… so we came up with these; super easy twirly friendship bracelets!

These are made with a length (about 1m) of 3 strands of wool or embroidery floss.  I bet embroidery floss would make a neater looking bracelet, but we don’t have much of that here… wool on the other hand is in abundance!

twirly friendship bracelets tutorial how toTie a knot at one end of the yarn and affix it to something solid. We used a piece of wood with a nail stuck into it, but really all you need is a piece of sticky tape or a safety pin (you could then fix the yarn to a rug, or your sock!).

twirly friendship bracelets tutorial how toFrom there it’s pretty simple.  Holding the yarn taught, you just twirl the yarn in one direction.twirly friendship bracelets tutorial how toKeep twirling….

twirly friendship bracelets tutorial how to

And twirling… until it starts to twirl back over itself.  Then fold the yarn in half….

twirly friendship bracelets tutorial how toand allow it to twirl completely over itself.  Tie the two ends together in a knot and then tidy it up working it back together in a rope like fashion.

twirly friendship bracelets tutorial how toJoining is also easy.  Fit your finger into the end of the bracelet (where it loops over itself at the middle) and slip the knot through.  We made ours double length (ie. they are wrapped around the wrist twice), but you can make them just a single wrap by making them shorter.

twirly friendship bracelets tutorial how toThat’s it! Repeat, repeat, repeat and make lots for all your friends… Even boy’s aren’t immune to the charms of the twirly bracelet, as long as they are blue of course!

twirly friendship bracelets tutorial how toHope you are having a fun week! Jxx

5 thoughts on “Easy peasy…

  1. cecile chappell says:

    What a lucky Mom you are! I remember when mine were small and loved to spend time with me without outside interference. Oh, those were the days. Thank you for sharing, you do an old heart good!


  2. Faith says:

    Great idea, it’s lovely to get up to crafting with the kids when the weather’s a bit rubbish….our weather has been so poor recently despite the fact it’s summer, our school hols are in two weeks time so I can’t see it picking until they’re finished!


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