The winter of hats…

Its fast becoming the winter of hats around here! In addition to this one, I have another pattern to share soon for another style of beanie – this time for me 🙂

Crochet hat free patternThis hat is a riff on the earlier autumn and spring hat.  Quickly worked up, this version uses any chunky (12ply yarn).  The first hat I made using this pattern for was Maddison, and of course Maia immediately wanted one too (Im such a sucker). I love the colours in this one, it’s so sweet!Crochet hat free patternMind you that smile’s pretty sweet too!

Crochet hat free patternMaddison’s Hat

12 ply yarn ( the hat uses a little over a ball)

6mm Hook.

Round 1: Make a magic circle and chain 2, half double crochet (HDC) 7 x into the circle and pull tight, join to top of chain 2 (8).

Round 2: Chain 2 (counts as first HDC here and throughout), HDC into same stitch, 2 HDC into  every stitch around, join to top of chain 2 (16).

Round 3: Chain 2, 2HDC into next stitch. 1HDC into next stitch, 2HDC into next stitch around, join to top of chain 2 (24).

Round 4: Chain2, HDC in next stitch, 2HDC in next, *HDC in next 2 stitches, 2HD in next stitch*, repeat between * and * around, but only place 1HDC into last stitch (not 2)  join to top of chain 2 (32).

Round 5: Ch3, DC into same st, skip 1 stitch, *2DC in next stitch, ch1, skip 1 stitch*,  repeat between * and * around, join to top of chain 2 (16 2DC pairs separated by 1ch spaces.)

Round 6 – 10: Ss to next 1ch space, Ch3, DC into same space, skip 1 stitch, *2DC in next ch1 space, ch1, skip 1 stitch*,  repeat between * and * around, join to top of chain 2 (16 2DC pairs separated by 1ch spaces.) Check the fit after round 10 and see if it is big enough – keep going until the hat is just about long enough.

Round 11: Chain 1 and single crochet into every stitch around.  Do not join again, but continue working in a continuous spiral until the hat is long enough.  Maia’s hat has 6 rounds.  Fasten off and weave in all ends.

The flower in this hat is the same as the one here, it is predominantly pink (although you cant really see in the pics) and the last round is using the same yarn as the hat…

Happy crocheting!  Let me know if you spot a boo or if you need any help! Jxx

23 thoughts on “The winter of hats…

  1. Marybeth P. says:

    Nice hat. I design hats for children on a regular basis. I have done 20 new designs since spring and I love doing it. Some knit, some crochet but all fun to see what comes off my needles


    • Sue Paris says:

      Yesterday, I made one of the hats. I was at the hospital, I saw a lady at the counter and heard her say she had cancer. I left on of my hats with the secretary she said if she saw the lady again she would give it to her. She saw her leaving and gave her the hat. I saw her this morning when I went to pick my husband up she had the hat on. Must have liked it. I love the pattern, it is so easy.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Annette says:

    I missed a lot of post in my vacation.. you haven’t sat still.. hihi ;))
    Love the hat, you DD will have so many hats, every day a nother one.
    Love your window paints.. and al your other pic’s and crafts..
    Enjoy your week!!!


  3. Triona wallace says:

    hey 🙂 this is a beautiful hat I’ve just started making it for my daughter but think I’m doing something wrong as i keep ending up with 28 stitches after round 3!! am going to keep trying tho!!


  4. Triona wallace says:

    Figured it out was reading the pattern wrong!! Now all the girlies in my house are fighting over who gets to keep the it!! thanks again have a feeling I will be making many more of these 🙂


    • Veronica says:

      It’s a cool way of closing up the open circle when you first start. Google the magic circle and it’ll show you lots of tutorials and explanations on how to do it.


  5. Crystal says:

    For he life of me, I cant get 32 stitches on round 4. Ive done it and counted it over and over. I have the correct count on the previous row. Are you working into the slip stitch from row.3?


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