Easy Christmas Crafts to do with Preschoolers

Its been a hectic week or so here, there’s been so much on – both silly season and work related.  Doesn’t mean there’s not plenty of crafting going on though (and crochet- more about that soon, promise)… I thought I’d share some of the Christmassy crafts we have been up to (suitable for a two and almost five year old).

Christmas tree cards made by painting a sheet green and then cutting out a triangle (for the tree) and a brown/black rectangle for the trunk then decorating…

Easy Toddler Christmas CardDoesn’t matter that its decorated on the wrong side of the card does it?

Easy Toddler Christmas CardHands and Feet Rudolph Reindeer – trace around and cut out hands (antlers) and feet (head/body) then glue together… add a mouth, big red nose and jiggly eyes. Glue an ice block stick on the back if you want to use it as a puppet!

Hands and Feet ReindeerThe kids had lots of fun with these…

Hands and Feet ReindeerEgg carton bells… cut out individual egg cartons, paint and decorate.  Punch a hole in the top, thread through a piece of ribbon and attach a bell underneath; voila a fabulous Christmas bell decoration!

Egg carton bellsChristmas bauble gift tags… Cut out mini snowflakes and glue onto bauble shapes, add a loop of ribbon and use on your tree or a gift.

Christmas Bauble Gift TagsOf course a bit of glitter will fancy it up a bit…

Christmas Bauble Gift TagsDecorate some easy to make angels;

Cardboard AngelsAdd glitter, feathers, sequins… the options are endless!

Cardboard AngelsIve included a template here if you would like to make an angel or two for your tree. Simply print off the angel onto some card, cut it out and use it as a template draw around. When you have finished decorating it secure the wings together by fitting them together behind through the two half cuts.

Paper chains… I remember making these every Christmas as a child.  So easy and lots of fun! Just cut strips of paper, about 15cm or so long and about 2cm wide.  Staple or glue together to make a chain.

Christmas Paper chainSo does our tree look like it stepped straight out of a show home?  No.  Do we love it anyway?  You betcha!  Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas around here…

Our Christmas treeNow Ive just got to get some pressies wrapped and under that tree, quick smart. I hope your week has lots of Christmas cheer, and its beginning to feel like Christmas at your place too!! Lots of Love Janette xxxx

8 thoughts on “Easy Christmas Crafts to do with Preschoolers

  1. stocki says:

    Your children must have had such fun making all those decorations Janette… it made me smile to see the results…I think your tree is the most loved tree I have seen yet! Hope your preparations go smoothly this week ;)x


  2. Joanne says:

    Those decorations are wonderful. I love the hands and feet reindeer, what a way to chart children’s growth each year as well as looking so cute.
    You have given me some lovely ideas for next week when the children have broken up. x


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