Finally finished

Crochet ripple throwMy ripple throw is finally finished.

Crochet ripple throwThose of you who have been reading a while will remember that this was my one a day project which I was unable to complete to the size I intended due to running out of wool… anyways I decided to just border it off, and even though its not bed size I still love it and its perfect to wrap around you when its chilly on the couch!

We had some fun trying to get a good photo of it this afternoon…

Crochet ripple throwCarter didnt want to miss out on the fun…

Crochet ripple throwOver the weekend I got a nice surprise when Liz at Crochet in Color nominated me for a Liebester Blog award… thanks Liz!

In turn I’d like to pass this on to 5 of my favorite blogs…with no pressure to participate of course:

1. Faith May

2. Little things made with love

3. Sonia and Fred

4. Stocki (while you are there do sign up to take part in the beautiful blogger blanket- what an amazing idea!)

5. Rose and Dahlia

Thanks Liz, your blog is fab and your designs are inspirational! Hope you are all having a bright and beautiful week πŸ™‚

28 thoughts on “Finally finished

  1. Danielle says:

    Oh my goodness! I’ve been looking forward to seeing the finished blanket, but it’s so much better than I imagined! I’m glad you found the missing yarn color. It looks like your daughter was having fun with it. ripple ripple ripple done! πŸ˜€


  2. Barbina says:

    Congratulations to your award Janette! And thank you so much for passing it on to me! You have made me very happy! Thank you so much!
    Your blanket turned out wonderful, I love it !!!. It is so nice to look at your sunny photographs, we had the first snow today for this year, it is so cold and dark here the whole day. I wish I could have a little bit of your sunshine here!
    Have a beautiful week too! Barbina


  3. Joanne says:

    Wow, just looking at wonderful pictures of your amazing blanket and then see that you have won an award. That is fantastic…… and then see that you have picked me as one of the people to pass it on to!!!
    Thank you so much that is wonderful and I’m truly grateful. (small dance around the kitchen!!)

    The blanket really looks fantastic and really suits the edging. It looks a great size and your children are showing what us what blankets are made for.
    Have a wonderful week xx


  4. Faith says:

    Your ripple looks brilliant! It’s just right as it is too, so didn’t end up being a disaster running out of pink.

    Thank you so much for the award, I really appreciate it and a real compliment coming from your lovely blog too!

    Hope all is well with you….things are very hectic here! Have a lovely week!


  5. stocki says:

    Hi Janette…. Wow! (that one was for the beautiful ripple blanket) and WOW! (that was for giving me my first ever award! How lovely of you… you just made my day… make that week. Not sure what I have to do now, but I am willing to pass it on…can you let me know what I have to do? Thanks again Janette :)x


  6. beberouge says:

    I’m running behind with catching up with every-bodies tuesday tallies and I was so happy to see you had finished when yours popped up. It looks fabulous, I love it!! It looks like a great snuggle on the couch size and very cute photos. xx


  7. KatiesCameraBlog says:

    I love this throw! Just that first image brings back such memories of throws like that when I was a kid. And it just beautiful. Love the photos too. The ghost one just made me laugh outside.

    And congrats on being nominated for the award! You deserve it, Jenna! πŸ™‚


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