Spring is here!

At last spring has arrived! Beautiful blossom and bulbs everywhere, warmer weather, longer evenings… can you tell spring is my favourite season?

We’ve already been spending more time outside and have started getting the garden ready for spring planting. We have three vege beds, Ive dug over one and planted peas and radishes which I am waiting (not so) patiently to come up. In the mini-greenhouse on the deck Ive planted seeds of the first of our summer crops: rocket, marvel of four seasons lettuce, buttercrunch lettuce, bright lights silverbeet, red mesculan mix, chives and a number of different varieties of tomatoes.

Maia and Carter are always willing to help out in the garden…

Maia and Chicken LickenSometime the chickens help too! We have four chickens: Mabel, Chicken Licken, Hickety Pickety and Dumbo. The chickens have a large run at the back of our section, but most afternoons they are let out for a peck around, and of course they head straight for the vege garden.

At this time of year they do a great job getting rid of all the nasty slugs and snails that are doing serious damage to the last of my winter crops… mind you they have also eaten more than their fair share of silver beet and lettuce!

Carter and chickens 1Not that I’m complaining, all are laying well and most days we get 3 – 4 beautiful golden yoked eggs …

EggsWhich means there are plenty of delicious eggy meals on offer at our place…

EggsOn the crafty front I have been working away on another stool cover design which I hope to finish tonight, so Ill be posting about that shortly. This morning I whipped up these little egg warmer friends, Carter was amazed when he pulled his off the egg; “Wow, look Mummy the chick’s laid a egg!”Crochet Egg wamersHow’s the weather been at your place this week, are you welcoming spring or autumn? Whatever the weather, I hope you are having a great week! J x

2 thoughts on “Spring is here!

  1. Sonia says:

    Spring indeed 🙂 I’ve just been to the zoo with my favourite family…along with around half of Melbourne! It’s a bit windy now, but enjoying the sunshine and not having to wear 5 layers of clothes 🙂
    Sonia xx


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