A slipper and a new accessory

Last night I made a new crochet slipper- yes just the one, because my left foot/leg fully ensconced in a moon boot…

Crochet Slipper and BootCute isnt it, goes with any outfit – AND easily camoflagable… Not!

The slipper though, is currently making my other (hard at work) foot feel all loved up in crochet goodness.  Will I make another?  Im not sure, probably not because by the time I am out of this boot the other one is likely to be worn out.  And Im lazy 🙂

If you would like to make one it is a pattern by a wonderful crochet designer here in New Zealand- Lisa van Klaveren.  She sells loads of great patterns as Holland Designs on Etsy.

These slippers are called goodie two strap, and I love them! Ive made a number of Lisa’s patterns and they have turned out well, her instructions are fab.

Here’s a side shot of the slipper:

Crochet slipper close upOh yes, did you spot that the buttons are actually on the wrong side of the foot for a right?  Hmmm…. so did I…. after I had woven in all the ends and put it on.  Nevermind!

Aaaaaannnnddddd did you spot what I was resting my foot on? That’s right, a stool. Complete with lovely new crochet cover, pattern coming soon- promise!

Hope you are having a great (and injury free!) week! Janette xoxo

PS. If you are looking for a free crochet slipper pattern check out this post.

2 thoughts on “A slipper and a new accessory

  1. Janette says:

    Ugggggg I was playing with the kids at the weekend and twisted my ankle, although apparently its much more serious than that and I have a subluxation of my peroneal tendons in my ankle. Waiting on surgery to fix it 😦


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