A crochet painting

Here’s a little mixed media crochet flower ‘painting’ Ive been working on.  crochet flower picture

It’s made using the same basic flower found here, but the leaves and stalks are each sewn with a single long stitch… and there are two or three seed beads stitched into each flower center.

crochet flower pictureThe little silver butterfly is the same as the ones on my tea cozys… you can find the pattern here.crochet flower pictureOn an unrelated note, if you would like to add a little sweet treat to your day, let me offer a suggestion. Tonight I made this chocolate sauce to accompany banana splits for dessert, Carter may have mentioned (twice) as he was scoffing it that I was the best Mum in the world! ♥ Janette xx

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35 thoughts on “A crochet painting

  1. Very pretty. I used to making greeting cards the same way a few years back. I found it very relaxing

  2. Once again, another wonderfully idea!!! This is why you are the only blog I follow so far! Thanks for all the inspiration.

  3. Wow.I love it!Now I know what to do with all the little flowers I have crocheted. Thanks so much for sharing!

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