Pretty in the garden

My garden has plenty of pretty right now… flowers and an abundance of summer veg. Before it all starts to go downhill (water restrictions are now in place and even though the nights are cooling, the day time heat keeps on coming), I thought I’d share some photos. These were all taken this afternoon:


Pansies beans and kalePooppies 2PoppiesZucchini flowermarrowsPoppies 3Borlotti beans

Bee in an artichokeTussy mussy 2Tussy mussyGreen tomatoes

Tomatoes 22Marigolds

Tomatoes ripening

My tomatoes have grown to an unbelievable height (they are almost touching the roof!), but thankfully it’s not just all plant and we are getting an amazing crop too. I have a feeling in a few days we are going to have so many ripe tomatoes we wont know what to do with them all…  Any special recipes you have please send them my way! How is your garden faring? Hope you are having a wonderful weekend… Janette xxx

22 thoughts on “Pretty in the garden

  1. nicolaknits says:

    Beautiful colours – and bare feet too! Totally the opposite of what we have here – snow, brown trees, and handknitted socks (3 pairs today).


  2. livingsimplyfree says:

    Beautiful pictures of your gardens, I’m jealous buried in snow right now. As for tomatoes, the only thing I do with tomatoes is to make sauce. I love a good sauce on rice, veggies, and even pasta. Hope the watering restrictions don’t hurt your bounty.


  3. Sandra Campbell/Sandy Campbell says:

    I loved your blog, the entire blog!! I especially enjoyed the gardens….lovely! I sent over to my FB page your flower card tutorial… Very nice for moms to do with their children. Everything was very nice, and I found you by way of Attic24! Lucy! Glad I did! Thanks, Sandy


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