Rocking and rolling

DSC_0468Tron rock hiding 5Recently the children have been obsessed with painting rocks. These rocks are decorated and hidden in various parks around our city – Hamilton – for others to find, love and re-hide. Dubbed Tron rocks (colloquially Hamilton is known as the Tron), this simple process has brought much joy to our family.

Tron rocks

And as a result, the win for me, lots of family outings on rock finding and hiding missions!

Tron rock hidingTron rock hiding 2

Which is a win-win I’m sure you will agree.

Tron rock hiding 8Tron rock hiding 3

Somewhat more sedately my crochet project is coming along nicely…


The motif for this section reminds me of the cheery faced pansies growing in my garden.


I’d forgotten how quickly and effortlessly crochet grows, and the colour palette is gorgeous. So bright and uplifting!

Hygge week4

So that’s how we’re rolling here just now, I’ll leave you with this pic of the kiddos and Dad at the balloon ‘night glow’ last weekend. Oh they loved it, all the way from riding their bikes there, all kitted out in high vis with their bike lights on before the sun had even set, to finding friends in the crowds and dancing crazily with their glow sticks. They really were rocking and rolling! Jxo

Balloons 2017

23 thoughts on “Rocking and rolling

  1. Alice says:

    What a wonderful outing! My grandchildren often pick up little rocks and give them to me as a special token of our time together on our outings. With 7 grandchildren my little collection is growing. 🙂 Now we have something new to add to our activities. I love your crochet work. Back in the 70’s I found a pamphlet with basic stitches and taught myself to crochet. I’ve never advanced to the level of your beautiful work though.

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    • Janette says:

      Thanks Alice, I’ve also got quite a collection of rocks collected from various outings, I love small quite flat perfectly round ones so whenever someone in our family comes across one they bring it home to gift to me 🙂 I think you could give this shawl a try, it’s just simple single crochet with cross stitch added afterwards so not too difficult. X


  2. hyggejem says:

    We had a lovely seaside holiday when my daughter was small painting rocks. I still have several of them, including the cat I painted.

    And I love your hygge shawl! I need to get on with mine: I think I have the background knitted but none of the embroidery from weeks 3 to now! They do look lovely when you see them anywhere.

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  3. Carina says:

    We’ve been there, we did that too. Funny to know that your children and mine like the same stuff in Berlin and Hamilton. We would paint stones with water colors and “coat” them with clear nail polish. Quite a few of these stones are still here (ladybugs were VERY popular) and still make me smile. Thank you for sharing those pictures – you made my day.

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  4. paulainauckland says:

    I keep meaning to take the kids to the balloons…they look gorgeous. We hit the Gardens at least once a quarter (love how it is always changing). Five Mile Beach at Taupo wouldn’t be too far for you would it? I remember collecting rocks there.


  5. Christie B says:

    I’ve never heard of painting and hiding rocks but I know my daughter would love it. She is crazy about rocks already! Your pansy is so gorgeous, and your crocheting…oh my goodness! It looks so difficult! You are very talented.


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