From rock love to sock love…

This week I made these socks, it was my mission. I actually began them mid winter last year, and gave up a quarter of the way through the first sock.  All that yarn changing, I mean who can remember to switch yarn every three rows?

Billy though, was happy to see me out of doors after days of rain (flooding in some parts of our country).

So with almost maniacal intensity I spent this week knitting. Before breakfast, knit. Waiting for kids, knit. At swimming lessons, knit. Turns out that if you use all those pockets of time you can in fact fit a lot of (in this case) knitting in.

Deliciously soft, the blue yarn is merino -possum mix. So soft and cozy for my toes. They are, Im pleased to report, a delight to wear!

He’s a good looking cat, isn’t he? When he’s not bringing rats in anyway…

OK, enough photography. That’s his come inside and feed me face. Jxo

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