I am…

In my world right now I am: ConeflowerGardening… making the most of the summer that has officially extended into Autumn. These echinacea have been a feast for my eyes all summer long!

Coneflower 2Giving up in the battle to eat all the zucchini. My family now flat out refuses to eat anything containing zucchini – but as their palates are not yet refined enough toΒ  detected it grated, it’s surreptitiously making its way into all manner of meals undetected heh heh heh. Question, at what point does a zucchini officially become marrow?? These: Marrows.

Marrows 2Potting? Potterying?? *Making* a whole menagerie of clay animals! Loving getting my hands dirty each week at a hand building pottery class I’m taking this term…

This is Petunia. If you follow my face book page you’ve probably seen quite a lot of her!

Pottery pigTie Dying… Deciding to tie dye with two children = reckless… There was dye, it was EVERYWHERE. Some even made it onto items of clothing.

Tie dying I have to admit that for the most part, the results (on the clothes) were fabulous. The same can’t be said for my hands… That black thumb lasted for days! Tie dying 2Crocheting… a little easy sweet crochet in sherbert cotton. More on that soon!

Crochet in cottonEating thisΒ  taste sensation! My current favourite toast topping? Natural peanut butter, banana and chia seeds. Once made it doesn’t last long! For the most part no body in my close vicinity shares my love of peanut butter creations… Do you?

output_NkY7fFWishing that summer could last forever, but knowing that as the nights begin to close in that its going to be gone soon… So Ill leave you with this gorgeous monarch one of many loving it up at our place right now before summer slips away.

Monarch on dahliaSo now I’d like to know, what are you…


Giving up (it is Lent after all)





xoxo – J

24 thoughts on “I am…

  1. Wild Daffodil says:

    So warming to see your sunny pictures – we have just moved officially into Spring, up here in the UK. I am continuing my affair with crochet: https://daffodilwild.wordpress.com/2015/02/28/bedspread-for-little-miss-m/
    I feel like I’m cheating on my first love: knitting!
    I love the atmosphere you describe of everything growing in sunshine and gorgeously messy creativity. That butterfly reminds me of California where I first saw the Monarch. ……… my mind is basking in sunshine …thank you!


    • Janette says:

      Just as you have officially moved into spring we have moved into autumn – but its still lovely and warm, the only thing is the days are getting so much shorter! Ill go and check out your bedspread now! xx

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  2. wendy says:

    Fabulous to see all of your pictures. I love peanut butter with chili flakes on toast, no one here shares that weirdenss lol Beautiful flowers and do love that pottery pig too. I remember growing zucchini’s and yes everyone got sick of them and made a really neat spaghetti sauce and they were none the wiser lol xoo

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    • Janette says:

      Yum will have to try chilli flakes. There’s a company here making a hot peanut butter which has chilli and paprika in which would be easy to make yourself with a shake of each πŸ™‚ Yes spaghetti sauce is brilliant for hiding zuccs! xx


  3. Teresa says:

    In the Southern US we are shivering and praying for spring! We have another winter weather event on the way. It’s cold. It’s raining. It’s miserable! However, inside my house, it is warm. I have a big cup of hot coffee and a warm kitty at my side. My children are well, singing and playing their piano and guitar together, giggling and laughing. (My children are quite a bit older than yours and for us, it has only gotten better and better and we enjoy them so much!)

    BTW, I love peanut butter! Your creation looked very yummy. Stay well and enjoy your beautiful garden (I am dreaming about mine) and your children.

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  4. Linda says:

    Your spring pictures are a sight for sore eyes! Here in central Illinois USA winter has not loosened its grip. We had 8″ of snow yesterday. We’re so ready for spring after this very cold winter!

    We love peanut butter on toast with tomatoes! Yes, tomatoes. I grew up eating it that way, and it’s a delicacy around my house. We cannot wait until the first tomatoes ripen from the garden because that’s almost the first way they’re eaten! Give it a try!

    Are those dishcloths you’re working on? Lovely colors!

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  5. rainbowjunkiecorner says:

    I was introduced to peanut butter when I was a child by two Canadian children who lived down the road. (1957?) I never took to their peanut butter and jam so I am not sure about having it with banana, but I have been eating it ever since for breakfast or a snack and all my children love it too.

    Petunia pig is so cute!

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  6. Evelyn says:

    I love grilled peanut butter and jelly sandwiches (and sliced banana goes well in it too). Just make your sandwich and spread a little butter or margarine on the outsides then grill in a frying pan or griddle until toasted ( like a grilled cheese sandwich). The PB gets warm and gooey, yummy!


  7. fredthethread says:

    Love all your summer pictures, courgettes are delicious, (I hate them raw!) I was feeling quite sorry for myself here in the UK spring is only just beginning, but at least we don’t have 8inches of snow! Poor Linda!

    I am knitting, a cardigan its a love affair that has lasted now for a year, the wool is so soft and sublime – I have settled on my design – hopefully it will be ready in the Autumn!


  8. melissa says:

    Yes yes! We’ll take the Summer back now thankyouverymuch! I’ve had my fill of ice and snow and the crud. Love butterflies, and love peanut butter on my hot toast, hold the bananas.


  9. lundygirl says:

    Crocheting – a ripple blanket for my son.
    eating – smartie cookies
    and doing loads of gardening!
    I think Petunia looks wonderful – she has personality!


  10. murcam49 says:

    I once tried to eat a peanut butter and bologna sandwich and it wasn’t half-bad!
    Zucchini-wise, I have a new peeler by JosephJoseph that peels in spaghetti like strands. Then you can make a sauce for it and don’t even need to cook the zukes (it’s good for cucumbers, too. I imagine carrots or any other type veggie). The strands work nicely on homemade pizza, too. Good luck!


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