Raspberries and a new crochet top

Despite a lovely long hot summer, this year our raspberries are ripening rather slowly… a little like my blogging of late, the pickings so far for 2015 have been pretty slim!!!

crochet top free patternLife just seems to be getting busier and busier. The lovely relaxed days of summer have become all but a distant memory and now that  school is back (actually they’ve been back for two weeks), there is so much more on and after school activities are back in full swing. Ive also been working more (and traveling with my job) which makes spare time a rare commodity.

crochet top free patternHopefully this lovely crochet and chiffon top makes up for the wait!

Ginko crochet top 5Simple and easy to make, this top is lovely and cool – perfect for the hot weather we are experiencing. It took a while to get the hang of a small hook and fine cotton in my hands, but once I had the knack, it was lovely to work with. Working with heavy wool in the summer = not my idea of a good time!

crochet top free patternThe only modification I had to make to the pattern was to add a lining/undershirt. Because the crochet lace at the top is so fine, and the bottom is so sheer, I needed a little something underneath – so I whipped up a knit (t-shirt type material) singlet in a similar pale blue which I attached to the inside at the shoulder seams. It worked perfectly, and using the over-locker (serger) means it only required a few seams to complete. If you didn’t want to make something specially, I’m sure a slip or singlet in a complementary color would also work just fine. Ginko crochet top 4I love the rose fabric, which took quite  lot of hunting to find – I almost purchased something else but decided it wasn’t quite right, I was so glad when I found this because I knew it was just what I had been looking for. I was so glad that I waited!

If you’d like to make this lovely top for yourself, check out the pattern and most excellent tutorial over at Genuine Mudpie, thanks Trish I love it!crochet top free patternI really wish I could share some of these fabulous raspberries with you all 🙂 Of all the fruit and veges I grow, they are my favourite crop. Requiring no special treatment and not much water, they give us a huge return –  and the taste, did I mention how good they taste? Honestly they are to die for. Luscious little pearls of sweet AND tart that just burst on your tongue. Bliss!

Hope you are having a wonderful week, and enjoying a small (and healthy) treat where ever you are!

Love Janette xoxoxox

21 thoughts on “Raspberries and a new crochet top

  1. Donna tommell says:

    It is bitter cold in the States, so seeing berries and greenery is a delightful relief..your top us lovely, and the weaving of your hair even more so,,,


  2. Lorrie Murphy says:

    Lovely Top. I too love the material. Haven’t grown raspberries myself as I only have a small garden, but I’m sure they are extremely delicious.


  3. Teresa says:

    I can almost taste the raspberry jam! I am looking so forward to spring. We woke up to a thick glaze of ice and very high winds. It has snowed here all week long. Your top is very pretty and delicate. I love it!


  4. Carol says:

    MMM! you’re making me drool…there is nothing quite so wonderfully sweet as fresh-picked raspberries! the ones in the stores/markets just don’t taste the same!
    Cute top! I like it…and I like the idea of making like that…Thanks for the inspiration!


  5. Angela Denton says:

    Hi janette
    Your top is lovely. I’m also working on a pattern from Genuine Mudpie. Really hoping it works out well as I love the yarn I’m using -.drops baby alpaca silk. My attempts at crocheting clothes don’t tend to go too well, so fingers crossed! Enjoy the rest of your weekend x


  6. Jacquie says:

    Hi Janette, I love your latest make. It’s so pretty and looks very comfortable to wear.
    I sometimes wonder how to comment on your blog as I can’t seem to see a button to click on when I have you home screen up. I have to click on the post title then I can see where to comment.
    Maybe it’s just me being a bit thick….but I though I would mention it as I imagine other may be a little confused too?
    Jacquie x


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