Sea foam

This week I’ve been crocheting at every opportunity, I’ve really been trying to finish something, anything, from my growing list of projects.

And what do you know, with a little bit of perseverance and a healthy dose of self restraint, I’m excited to present my newly finished (right down to the ends all being sewn in, gently washed and blocked) Square Sweater:
Crochet pullover top 3
Really? Square Sweater? A name like that doesn’t really do this top justice, its beautiful; light and delicate, a blend of two yarns, one pure wool, one wool mix with some threads of green, blue and red… so I’m calling it something much more inspiring: my Sea Foam Sweater.

Although in all fairness to the designer it is a square shape and made up of hundreds of little squares.  But I’m sure you will agree, its way too cool to be called square!
Crochet pullover top 4
While I’m here, I can’t resist sharing this gorgeous rose which is now in full bloom.
Apricot roses 2
Who doesn’t love an apricot rose? And the smell… heavenly! Apricot roses
Ok, back to the top…  close up of shoulder:Crochet pullover top 2And a close up of the pattern detail. I’m happy to report this pattern is an absolute gem, it’s super easy. This delicate, complicated looking pattern is made with only a two row pattern repeat, and each row is almost identical, so that means minimal counting, which translates to being easy enough to crochet in front of the the tv (or when kids are around) without too much concentration! I enjoyed this so much I want to start another. Immediately!Crochet pullover topAnd finally, this is me, in my Sea Foam top.
Not a back view or a shot with the head strategically cut off like you usually find around here!  Gulp! Crochet square sweater
Have a wonderful week, friends ☺️

36 thoughts on “Sea foam

  1. Angela Denton says:

    Love it. Have yet to venture into crocheting clothes. I usually stick to blankets, scarves and shawls. I’m rather tempted by this top though. Thanks for sharing x


  2. Giovanna Romano says:

    Is it possible to have a written pattern only of the stitch, as I find the pattern referred to above is difficult to understand.


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