Crochet Tornado

I’ve been crocheting up a storm! At last count I had 4 projects on the go AND I have ordered some yarn for a cardi for Maia, so there’s a flurry of activity to try and wrap up at least one of the projects currently underway before I go and pick that up… not to mention a moratorium on any more new projects! So much crochet to do, so little time 🙂

In the photo below, I’m working on a simple shell top. I’ve finished one side, and should (hopefully) finish the other tonight, then be on the home run to blocking and edging. If you’re interested, you can find out more about the pattern here, but I’m sure I’ll be back with more progress soon!

How’s your week going? What are you working on? xx

Nov Crochet WIP

15 thoughts on “Crochet Tornado

  1. cck says:

    The pattern is really nice, as soon as I will have a bit of time, I will go and look at it. Now I don´t want to get extra inspired 😉 I´m glad I´m not the only one that takes on many project at once. At the moment, I´m sinking (as usual) under the many Christmas projects I have to finish.


  2. gentlestitches says:

    Oh! I love that pattern. What a great idea! I should be working on my 30 foxes due in a fortnight. (I have so far… drum roll…NONE!”) It is much more fun looking at your lovely blog but I have been doing learn to knit classes and trialling a friends pattern for pocket pal monsters.


  3. Abigail says:

    Oh, that’s so lovely! I’ve never worked with two colors at once, I’ll have to try that sometime.

    Right now I’m working on hats for a organization. It’s lots of fun!


  4. says:

    We are all as bad as each other with the number of projects we have on the go, I even start to panic if I haven’t got at least three. Doing the Scheepjes CAL with A Creative Being, amking animals from my new boo Edward Menagerie and having great fun with tea cosy’s. And so many more things forming in my head for what to do next! Happy hooking.


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