Mid winter at the beach

After a week of appallingly stormy weather we woke this morning to brilliant sunshine and a day more like spring than mid-winter.

Definitely a day to be outside – in fact a perfect day for the beach… so that, my friends is just what we did!

Raglan Panoramic June 2014 Raglan 1 June 2014 Raglan 2 June 2014 Raglan 3 June 2014 Raglan 4 June 2014 Raglan 5 June 2014 Raglan 6 June 2014 Raglan 7 June 2014 Raglan 8 June 2014 Raglan 9 June 2014Raglan Panoramic 2 June sml 2014It was a glorious day at Raglan, a beautiful black sand beach on the west coast of the north island about 40 minutes from where we live. The day was unbelievably warm, although there is a frost forecast for tonight. The smaller photos are panoramas, so if you click on the photo you can view them larger to see the detail ๐Ÿ™‚ What have you got planned this weekend? Jxox

29 thoughts on “Mid winter at the beach

  1. Angela Denton says:

    Wow. What a gorgeous day! How lucky you are to live so close to such a beautiful environment. Summer seems to have finally arrived here in the UK. Yippee! Enjoy your weekend x


  2. Eva says:

    Wonderful impressions – I love your photography, Janette!
    Greetings from a still rather cool Sweden, but Iยดve got the craftsmen in, so itยดs appropriate!


  3. Helen says:

    Beautiful isn’t it?!! We live at Papamoa Beach (up the Mount Maunganui end) and it was ATROCIOUS here all week. I had to drive to Masterton and back on Wednesday and it was AWFUL! A sunny walk round the mount today was just fantastic! Love the pics of the kids at the beach. I sort of miss not having little kids now! Keep posting them! ๐Ÿ™‚


    • Janette says:

      Thanks Helen, I grew up in Papamoa (my parents still live there) and I really miss the beach! Raglan is very nice, but so different from the BOP east coast beaches! X



  4. cck says:

    You live in a really wonderful place!! Here it looks as if it might rain, sooner or later during the day: the perfect time to tidy up inside the house *irony mode on* the kids are going to love this! *irony mode off*. Have a nice time!


  5. hooksnstix says:

    How beautiful! Looks like your kiddos enjoyed a wonderful day at the beach ๐Ÿ™‚ How different NZ’s beaches look from our San Diego beaches. My husband and I would love to visit NZ someday.


  6. Barbara Castleman says:

    I love all your posts.ย  I love the crochet patterns you post, and I especially love the scenery you post..ย  I forgot where you live.ย ย ย Your children are beautiful. Please keep sharing it’sย really appreciated.



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