Pretty lacy crochet edging

lacy crochet edgingWhen I posted my crochet throw a while back, I promised to post the edging pattern so here it is. The laciness  adds a lovely dimension to the throw, and I’m definitely planning on using it on a shawl sometime soon.

There are four rounds, but the first is simply a base layer of sc all around your working edge to secure the edging to, and the second is just chain 5 and chain 3 loops to secure the next two rounds to… anyway enough talking about it and on with the pattern!

lacy crochet edgingLacy edging crochetPretty lacy edging:

Round 1: Join edge yarn and sc in each stitch around the blanket, join with ss to finish the round. I went with 3 sc in each corner, but just add enough stitches to the corner so it stays flat and doesn’t pull.
Round 2: Chain 5, skip next 4 sc, (dc, ch3, dc) in next sc, ch 5, skip next 4 sc, sc in next sc. repeat around, join with ss to finish the round.
Round 3: Chain 5, sc in next ch-5 space, 3dc, ch3, 3dc in next ch-3 space, sc in next ch-5 space,  repeat around, join with ss to finish the round.
Round 4: Ch1, *sc in next 5ch, dc in next dc, picot, dc in next dc, dc in next dc, picot, (2dc, picot, 2dc) in next ch3 space, picot, dc in next dc, dc in next dc, picot, dc in next dc, sc in next ch5 space* Repeat between * and * around. Join with ss into ch1 to finish the round.

Picot = chain 5, ss in fourth ch from hook.

And in case you missed it the first time around here is a little video of me crocheting the last round of the edging…

It’s frustrating for me to watch because there are so many little hiccups (yarn catching/missing the stitch etc) in my crocheting… I’m usually a very smooth crocheter!

Happy to answer any questions about this, just sing out 🙂

Have a happy day! J xox

64 thoughts on “Pretty lacy crochet edging

  1. Little Miss Ling says:

    I see no hiccups in the video! And I’m intrigued by how you hold your hook and yarn! I give myself cramps the way I hold mine, but I don’t know if it’s too late for me to change! Love the border! So pretty!


    • Janette says:

      I try to hold the hook lightly because if I don’t I too get sore hands, especially if I’m am crocheting a lot… I hold the yarn weird, but that’s the best way to get good tension for me 🙂


  2. Claudia says:

    Hello, Janette!
    I´d like to thank you for sharing the gorgeous pattern for Top Down Crochet Cardigan! I´ve crocheted mine and I´m totally in love with it. I had some difficulties to make it bigger to fit me, but in the end I like it very much. If you want to take a look, I´ve just posted it on my blog:
    I´ve linked to your pattern, of course.
    Best regards, from Brazil, Claudia


    • Janette says:

      Hi Claudia, I’ve just been over and had a look… It’s fabulous, the color and the fit are perfect- well done! I’m now wishing I’d made one in green 🙂 xxx ps is it ok if I post it on the Facebook page and link to your site?



      • Kathy says:

        Where can I find this pattern in English? I love the cardigan! Also, tonight I was looking for an edging for a baby granny square blanket. I was having a hard time with the pattern, so I had searched & didn’t find what I wanted, so I decided to do a sc along the edge & hope for inspiration! Got into bed & started looking at FB, where I saw this edging, just what I wanted. I will start it tomorrow ! Thanks!


  3. Magda says:

    This is such a gorgeous edge, I will definitely be using the pattern sometime in the near future. Thank you for sharing and great blog so by the way! I am a new fan 😀


  4. marisa says:

    Hi there! I’m using the edging right now and I’m having some trouble with round three. After chain 5 am i single crocheting in the chain 5 space or a stitch? Are there any chains to get to the chain 3 space?


  5. marisa says:

    I finally looked at the pattern in the light of day and with a little more confidence and it made sense this time 😉 I’ve started round 3 and it’s going well. Thanks for the help!


  6. Gloria Deeser says:

    I love your work. Thank you for the pattern. I have to say your cat looks like my Sassee and her sister Tigger. She is so pretty.


  7. linda says:

    i love this pattern but i’m stuck on round 3 think i will have to give up,you said in an earlier comment there is no chain to get to the ch3 space but it reads ch3 then 3dc into ch3 loop?i’m pretty new to crochet but have done round 1 and 2 ok


  8. Janette says:

    Hi Linda, sorry you are having trouble. I just used this pattern again to make an edging for a shawl and it works fine… From the sc you just make your dc in the 3ch space, this pulls it across and gives it the fan effect. I hope that helps, good luck!


  9. Laura says:

    I’m having a problem with row 4:after the last dc in the next dc just before the * you say to sc in next ch 5. I looked at row 3 again and there are no ch 5 spaces except for the one at the beginning. I will re-read it to be sure I’m not missing anything but it definitely is a lovely looking edging. Oh and I’m edging a granny square lapghan with it in worsted weight yarn.


  10. Laura says:

    Well but I’m still having trouble with it. When I get to the part where it says to sc in the ch 3 space at the end of the pattern, the place I’ve reached on the 3rd row has a single crochet and then the 3 dc in the ch 3 space. there is not a 5 ch space to sc into at that point. What am I doing wrong?


  11. Katie says:

    I agree with Laura. What is the repeat for row 3, please? Your pattern says:
    “Round 3: Chain 5, sc in next ch-5 space, 3dc, ch3, 3dc in next ch-3 space, sc in next ch-5 space, repeat around, join with ss to finish the round.”
    Breaking it down, I start with a ch-5.
    Then a sc in the ch-5-sp.
    Then (3dc, ch3, and 3dc) in the ch-3-sp.
    Then another sc in the next ch-5-sp.

    Here’s where I question the pattern: is the ch 5 part of the repeat OR does it start with the first sc? If it is part of the repeat then your answer to Linda makes no sense. If it is NOT part of the repeat then Round 4 makes no sense.

    “Round 4: Ch1, *sc in next 5ch, dc in next dc, picot, dc in next dc, dc in next dc, picot, (2dc, picot, 2dc) in next ch3 space, picot, dc in next dc, dc in next dc, picot, dc in next dc, sc in next ch5 space* Repeat between * and * around. Join with ss into ch1 to finish the round.”

    Round 4 does START the repeat with 5sc in the 5ch (which would necessitate a ch5 in the prior row.)
    After all the dcs and picots the repeat ENDS with sc in next ch-5-sp (again calling for a ch-5-sp.)

    Please clarify. I would appreciate your help in this.

    Liked by 1 person

  12. Cathy says:

    Hi I have been crocheting for years but like knitting also. If I knit a blanket and want to use your edging pattern can u tell me where to begin and how do I get it to come out in an even pattern?


  13. crochetmomma1970 says:

    Hi Janette, hope you don’t miss my post. LOVE the edging pattern! Here is where I get stumped.

    So in Round 3: We ch 5, sc (5 times) in the ch 5 sp from the previous round, 3dc 3ch 3dc in the ch 3 sp, then sc (5 times) in the next ch 5 sp of the previous round….

    THEN we repeat it….does that mean we always do a ch 5 when we repeat the round each time?

    If so I have to redo Round 3.

    I really appreciate your reply, 1st time gramma in a week and I have got to get this baby blanket done. I just looooove the edging! I looked for a week almost for the perfect edging and yours is THE best!


    • Janette says:

      Hi! It’s such a long time since I did this, and I dont have the blanket to look at as I gave it away as a gift. But yes I’m pretty sure you repeat the whole thing including the ch 5: Chain 5, sc in next ch-5 space, 3dc, ch3, 3dc in next ch-3 space, sc in next ch-5 space. Good luck! Congrats on becoming a Gramma! Xx

      Sent from my iPhone



  14. serenityrose515 says:

    First off I love this pattern, but I am having a tiny bit of trouble at the end of round 2. This round follows an a/b type pattern (a being the DC,ch3,DC and b being the sc) when I reach the end of my round I end up with a,b,b,a instead of a,b,a,b. Is there a simple way to fix this?


  15. Chloe says:

    Hi Janette

    Hopefully you still check this in 2020. I’m using your lovely pattern to finish of a baby blanket I designed and I just wanted to clarify, on row 4, just before the pattern repeats, you do one sc into the ch-5 space, then am I reading it correctly that you repeat with another sc in that same ch5 space, so you end up with 2 sc in that space, one from the beginning of the repeated section and one from the end of it?

    Many thanks,


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