Ive lost my voice

Have you seen it?Chalkboard helloYep I’ve got laryngitis.  It started on Sunday afternoon, when I became a little hoarse… and when I woke up on Monday morning my voice was all but gone.  By Monday afternoon it had completely departed. Nothing. Not even a squeak.

Dr Google tells me its probably viral and should only last a few days. Seems there’s not much to do to help it. Drink lots, and rest (I’m a mother. When do I get a chance to rest?). And then there were these helpful tips…

  • Don’t talk. Talking can make matters worse.
  • Try not to laugh.
  • And avoid whispering, it’ll strain your vocal cords.

Thanks for that.

The children think its hilarious, they are whispering a lot (cute) and ignoring me even more – I CANT HEAR YOU MUMMY (not so cute).

It’s actually pretty tiring trying to get people to understand you, and straining to make any noise at all (which helpfully you’re not supposed to do). It’s not like I can just not say (or attempt to say) anything when I meet someone who I know…

And I felt particularly rude out shopping yesterday. I tried to compensate by smiling and nodding a lot. Like an idiot. Needless to say Im not going to work.

Yesterday was my friend Corinne’s birthday, and I made her a penguin. (Happy Birthday Corinne!!) Actually I’m supposed to be helping her make her own penguin, but our plans have been curtailed a bit…

Crochet penguin free pattern

The pattern is free, you can find it at happie scrappie. Crochet penguin free patternDon’t you just love the bunny hat?? I do. I’m not sure if the penguin does though, she’s not saying much. She might have laryngitis too? Ahem.

62 thoughts on “Ive lost my voice

  1. Louise says:

    I have laryngitis too! Same deal! My voice has been gone for 6 days now so don’t hold your breath! At least it leaves time for crochet and photography and other pure indulgences ! Hope you get well soon.


  2. livingsimplyfree says:

    I feel your frustration. I lost my voice completely once while my boys were teens, they thought it was hilarious also. Try drinking a little hot water (or tea) with honey and lemon. It worked for me,my voice came back by the next day.


  3. Nice piece of work says:

    shame, man, hope your voice comes back soon. Is your throat sore as well? (hope not 😦 ) Am glad you’re being sensible and not going to work.
    Penguin and rabbit hat are hysterical, I love them. Thanks for the new link.


  4. Little Miss Ling says:

    When I lost my voice last year, I typed what I wanted to say into Google Translate and used the loudspeaker function to play it to my husband. It was hilarious but super useful! I sounded like a robot!


  5. bartynbozv says:

    I hope you soon feel better Janette – I lost my voice for two weeks when I was on holiday in France, it was so frustrating – so try the Google tip it sounds hilarious!
    Love the rabbit hat – thanks for sharing.


  6. Margaret says:

    I´m sure you´ll make up for lost time once the voice is back. In the meantime write little notes saying you need lots of pampering. Great little bunny. Get Well Soon!


  7. Francien says:

    For me it was the most educational periode of my life, when the Doctor told me not to talk for a whole month. The first days were difficult (with little children) but it was interesting to see how others react on my silence. I learned a lot, lol. After a month my voice was ok, get well soon!


    • Janette says:

      Oh my goodness,I haven’t idea how you survived that! I guess with time you just find new ways of communicating. The truth is the children have been really understanding, and have even doe some talking for me 🙂


  8. Susie Moten says:

    Sorry about your voice! My mom would tell you to gargle with salt water. If your throat doesn’t hurt, drinking chicken broth with garlic sliced into it will help. Actually, it will help even if it does hurt! Good luck!


  9. Joy says:

    Oh bless you …. hope you feel better soon …… on the plus side you get time off work and time to crochet .. love the penguin/bunny ….. take care Love Joy xx


  10. Eva says:

    How about sign language? I´m trying it more and more for the benefit of my husband who´s losing his hearing. Hilarious and entertaining, to say the least! – No, no, you´ll be out of it in a couple of days, I´m sure. Best wishes to you! And thank you for all the lovely ideas and projects you share with us!


    • Janette says:

      Thanks Eva, that’s a good thought…. but I’m hopeful it wont come to that. This has certainly given me some perspective for how easy it is to communicate usually, and how difficult it could be if we cant just talk and be heard. Jxx


  11. katythenightowl says:

    I’m sorry you’re having to go through this {{{{{Janette}}}}}
    My daughter regularly gets laryngitis, and the only thing that’s she’s found that helps to sooth her throat is honey – and not talking, of course :/

    I do hope it heals quickly for you – and I just love the cute penguin! 🙂


  12. tessvowels says:

    if you are in the US, ragweed is extremely high right now… could be an allergy causing your voice troubles… enjoy the peace, but “no laughing?” It is considered the best medicine! 🙂 Gargle with warm salt water & you’ll be better soon!!


  13. ingylass says:

    Hia Janette,

    Hope your voice is fully recovered. I have just discovered your blog via a link from Dolly Doulton’s (Emma’s) blog.
    I love your penguin and his hat. As I am a relative novice at crocheting, it’s good to find patterns for small items. Do you by any chance know of an easy pattern for a monkey (and dare I say it, a banana)? My two year old Grandson’s favourite things in the whole world.
    Happy crocheting.
    Carol xxx


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