Many textured infinity scarf

How was your weekend?  Good? If you are a Mum I hope you were well spoiled ♥

autumn tree photoI thought I’d start the week with a project I recently finished, and have been enjoying now that autumn is starting to chill into winter.crochet infinity scarf free pattern

I wanted to make an infinity scarf with a bit of a twist… Lots of textures; fuzzy yarn mixed with metallics, and soft chunky rows to add interest to plain ol’ double crochet.crochet infinity scarf free patternAnd it has to be nice and long.  So it can be wrapped 2, 3 or 4 times around depending on how snuggled you want to be. As you can see it’s really a very simple make, all double crochet using a 7mm hook and a variety of double knit/worsted weight yarns for 7 rounds (8 including the starting chain- which was 200).

crochet infinity scarf free patternJust what’s needed for these cool autumn mornings. crochet inifinity scarf free patternAnd here I am trying to get a photo of my scarf and the tree (at the top) in the background this morning in the fog… I barely succeed on both counts!Image 1The yarns are all man made acrylic/nylon mixes, but oh, it is so soft. And purple, don’t you just love purple? I do! Have a great week!

38 thoughts on “Many textured infinity scarf

  1. kate0795 says:

    This is very pretty….lovely colour combinations and textures…particularly like the fluffy yarn…often don’t think about trying different textures but I will in future! It’s so cold in UK for mid May I might need to make one of these now, despite it supposedly being spring! K x


  2. jill Krahling says:

    I was looking at that and it reminded me exactly what I did for a wrap the same size using scraps to improvise and coordinated it together crocheting the similar colors in Maroon.


  3. Nancy Hiraoka says:

    Just yummy! I’ve never been a scarf person but you are inspiring me to make one like this; nice and long, fluffy, and loosely crocheted. Perfect! We are heading into summer here but then
    there’s lots of time to make it :-).


  4. Lynda Halliger Otvos says:

    Purple is very cool color, yeppie sir. Love the simpleness of double crochet and the variety of textures and the way they combine to create a very fun scarf. Two hundred initial chain gave you lots of length to play with. Wear it well and I hope we get to see more of your beautiful trees.


  5. Tess says:

    beautiful!!!!! how long did you make it? I’ve never made an infinity scarf… altho I did make a 12′ one out of a bunch of yarn in a kit… my own pattern… lol! I have a lot of unique yarns that were given to me that would work!!! 🙂


  6. janine says:

    i was browsing for an idea and out of all the pics on google that came up, this is exactly what i want to try! thanks for showing me what i was looking for! gorgeous…and love the fall colour pics!


  7. Erin says:

    I love the scarf and am starting it now. At the end of the 109 chains, do I turn my work or connect to the beginning and crochet in a circle? I didn’t see any instructions about finishing, etc.


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