In the garden

Oh how I love my vege garden in early summer… the zucchini have started fruiting but the tomatoes still have a wee way to go:garden collage 4And Carter is all about peas this year… he thinks they are lollies in pods, you have to be fast to get even one when he is around!

Carter eating peas 1 I like to plant close (saves on weeding) and I like to let at least one plant in each variety go to seed… which is great for attracting bees, and purely for aesthetic reasons of course! I like to mix up my veges with lots of companion plants (or as I like to call them, flowers)…garden collageThis pretty petunia has been a bumble bee magnet – it must be the colours:

petuniaWe’ve eaten plenty of artichokes so far already, the one on the left became the starter on Saturday night… the one on the right got too big too fast so Ive let it bloom.artichokesSpeaking of blooms, in the flower garden, my hydrangeas are all coming into bloom now. They only last for a short time as cut flowers, but I can’t resist picking some to bring inside and display on the table… hydrangeas 2Not exactly a plant, but our first monarch of the season also just hatched. The children were mesmerized by it drying its wings in the sun. I took it outside because it had spent its chrysalis life in the kitchen because I was worried the nights are still too cool, and so we could keep an eye on it…

Maia and Carter looking at monarchI love this time of year. So what’s growing at your place? Jxx

16 thoughts on “In the garden

  1. Eva says:

    Yes, definitely – the last photo is a masterpiece. Wonderfully expressive!
    Love to follow you over there down under! Thanks for everything!

    Greetings from arctic Sweden


  2. gentlestitches says:

    Every year I take the seeds from the moon flower and methodically go through the stages of growing another one. I am planting it out in the next couple of days and your delightful blog has encouraged me to take photos of it. How beautifully everything is growing in your garden. It was a delight to see the children’s faces as they looked at the butterfly. What a priceless experience for them. Hi from your sunny Aussie cousin.


  3. Lisa says:

    Wow awesome awesome pics! I love your garden! Your artichokes look grand!! I have been wanting to have a vegetable garden, never had one before. I want to learn to can my own stuff and to have it come from fresh, suhweeeeet!


  4. Sheryl says:

    Lovely pictures! In Ontario, Canada we have snow and it is cold so nothing is growing outside. I always look forward to spring coming in April/May though sometimes we still see the odd day of snow then too!


  5. creatingincanyon says:

    Your garden looks beautiful, it makes me so sad that it is winter here. My sons are the same way about the peas, I think for kids there is nothing quite like picking those little pods and opening them up. Last summer I was planning on freezing a bunch but they were all eaten before I could get to them 🙂


  6. Emily says:

    Your garden looks lovely, we are just at the start of winter over here (UK) minus 4oC this morning, I can’t wait till spring, enjoy the peas 🙂


  7. wendy says:

    Fantastic garden, mine is a failure I am afraid, think there has been sabotage as the man of the
    house does not like zucchini and only 1 plant is left out of 4 lol. Everything is really stunted except for my herbs, so that keeps me happy.


  8. Carine says:

    You can dry the hydrangeas. They are nice in the dried bouquet in winter.
    The picture with the monarch butterfly and your children is fantastic.
    Here in France, it is the winter, thus the garden is quite empty, just some carrots, turnips, parsnips, cardoons, chicories, lamb’s lettuces and some winter salads left.


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