Hand made gifts – sugar scrub

This week Im going to share some easy-on-the-pocket-and-quick-to-make hand made gifts, perfect for Christmas.  First up hand made sugar scrub.  We made these for Carter’s teachers at his montessori preschool…

It’s so simple to make sugar scrub, even children can (and did) do it.

In a bowl, combine raw sugar with oil at a 2:1 ratio. This means, for every 2 cups of sugar you’ll add 1 cup of your choice of  oil. We used a mix of Coconut oil (approx two thirds) and olive oil (one third). Stir together well, then add a few drops of essential oil or oils until you achieve the scent strength you want.

make sugar scrubWe used peppermint oil and added a couple of teaspoons of dried rosemary leaves (from our garden) to make a lovely invigorating scrub.  Pack into small jars, I used small jars which I purchased here. Decorate with a label (see below) and a pretty ribbon, and you’re done!

Make sugar scrubTo use sugar scrub simply wet skin thoroughly and scoop a small amount of sugar scrub into the palm of your hand. Apply to skin and massage well, this doesn’t have to be hard scrubbing – the scrub does all the hard work for you… and rinse. Perfect for hands, feet, knees, and elbows… once you realise how soft you skin feels after sugar scrub you wont be able to stop. I love sugar scrub and now that Ive made my own I couldn’t imagine buying a scrub again!

And because I love to share, here are some free printables just for you (click on the link to open the document):

Here they are all packed up ready for Carter to carry (the box is scorched almonds for the only male teacher there – I wasn’t sure about giving him sugar scrub??) to school to distribute:

free Sugar scrub- How are you getting on with your Christmas gift preparations?  Nearly finished?  Not long to go now! Jxx

9 thoughts on “Hand made gifts – sugar scrub

  1. Barbina says:

    Thank you!!! That is such a great idea and a perfect gift for my three cousins. I had no idea what to give them for Christmas this year!.
    Have a wonderful day Janette!!!!


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