Bunnies, bunnies and more bunnies…

Well we’ve had quite a day… this morning we headed off to a ballet performance of Angelina Ballerina, which the kids adored.  I was pleasantly surprised by how enthralled in the whole production Carter was, we had seats in the center of the second row which I think really helped both children’s concentration. No cameras were allowed inside the theater though, which was a bit sad… so I have no photos to show you – we were running late so I didn’t even get one as we went in (more about that little story in my next post).

Back home this afternoon we spent the afternoon on bunny crafts…  First up I finished off a couple of these:

Felt bunny finger puppetsI had thought Maia might be able to give the sewing a go, but they were a bit fiddly, and involved sewing through 4 pieces of felt.  While the hand stitching does look nice, if I make any more I think Ill machine stitch them.

You can find the pattern over at purl bee (and you might notice tails…. mine haven’t got that far just yet… poor bunnies). Apparently they like to kiss!

Felt bunny finger puppetsNext up were some little bunny boxes for putting Easter eggs in. Maia selected and glued magazine pages to colored card, I drew around a template and cut them out. This was lots of fun, ok truthfully the first time it was fun, after making 5 my hand was over it (must be old age!)… still 5 completed means one of each of the children’s cousins who live in NZ – we will have to send something less likely to crumple in the post overseas.

Easter bunny boxesWhile I was cutting, more bunny puppet shenanigans were going on…

Anyway’s I think these will fit a cream egg nicely.

Easter bunny boxesAnd finally (sometimes my children’s appetite for crafting exceeds even mine – by this time I had moved on to preparing dinner, but was really wishing I was having a nap) – I made some bunny paper cut outs for them to decorate. Maia was really into it, and decorated all 6 as a bunny family. She’s gone to bed tonight with them sitting beside her bed.

Bunny cut outsBunny cut outsCarter stuck a piece of play dough to one, tried to stick a pencil through it, gave up and sellotaped them together instead… and that was the extent of their decoration.

See he really is ‘just a boy’! How is your weekend going, have you been making any Easter crafts at our place?

4 thoughts on “Bunnies, bunnies and more bunnies…

  1. Faith says:

    It’s lovely to do Easter crafts isn’t it? Every year I think I’ll get around to some new things and the time disappears! A couple of years ago after Easter I bought some reduced baking tins which have rabbit shapes in them…..I am yet to use them! Maybe this year!

    Lovely crafts, love the little bunny boxes to put Easter eggs in!


  2. Lily says:

    Little Son would love to make the bunny bags – they are really cute. I have a little felt bunny making kit that I had for Christmas. I’m going to get Little Son to help sew them (he hasn’t learned to sew yet and is so creative that it will give him another dimension to his crafting). Lily. xxx


  3. Joanne says:

    I love all your easter crafting, but my favorite is the bunny cutouts….oh and the bunny boxes, they would be great filled with mini eggs!! If I didn’t eat them all first 😉 xx


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