Something to make Monday a little sweeter…

Crochet flower necklaceWe woke up this morning to a wet dreary Monday.  While I didn’t know it was going to be raining this morning I was fairly sure that it would be a tough morning to get Maia off to school.  This is week 8 of her first term at school and the reality of going day in and day out is beginning to show. We laid out her clothes last night, so I knew what she was going to be wearing and thought I would whip up something quick to wear with it… hence the purple flower necklace.  Super quick crochet at its best!Crochet flower necklaceShe was so excited to find it waiting on the table this morning when she got up.  I love it when they are excited about something I make them… Maia rarely lets me down.

Crochet flower necklaceIll write up a pattern and post it later in the week. Promise 🙂

Hope your Monday wasn’t too dreary! Jxx

PS. I haven’t forgotten about the dragonfly pattern – I need to spend a bit of time on it because its a little more complicated than a hat or flower, it is coming… but Im just working on another project which I REALLY want to get finished – Ill share that soon too!

16 thoughts on “Something to make Monday a little sweeter…

  1. Tash says:

    How gorgeous! I’ve spent most of today crocething up a beret and have a few bits of left over yarn, I’ll save them for your flower necklace tutorial 🙂


  2. Faith says:

    I know that Monday morning feeling too, yesterday it was mothers day in the uk, and we had such a lovely afternoon and evening as a family, I was quite sorry for it to be over. Waking up on a Monday is like getting back on the roller coaster, the only saving grace is that it flies by so quickly it will soon be the weekend again!

    Your flower necklace is lovely, your kids are lucky to have such a talented and creative mummy!


  3. Joanne says:

    I always think the first term back after Christmas is sooo long! Especially if it her first at school.
    What a beautiful necklace to give her a nice surprise this morning!! It really pretty. xx


  4. Joan says:

    You are such a wonderful mum…you’re daughter looks a lot like you ~ beautiful! Can’t wait for the pattern:) Have a blessed day<3


  5. Barbina says:

    What a cute idea! Maia seems to be very happy about her lovely gift! I´m sure you will have to make a lot more flowers soon for all her little friends.
    Have a wonderful Tuesday! xxxBarbina


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