A new year begins

Happy new year! I cant believe its 2012 already and 2011 is behind us.  What a year it’s been… I began the green dragonfly on June 29, 2011 and have loved every minute of it, met some amazing people and learned so much along the way. It’s been wonderful to have a creative outlet for my work, and blogging for the last (almost) seven months is in itself really inspiring. The blog now has over 100 followers and has had almost 80,000 views… that blows me away! Thank you to everyone who stops by and especially those of you who say such nice things when you do 🙂

We began 2012 with a treat, Nutella filled pancakes… have you ever heard of anything more delish?  I was all set to make the jam filled pancakes I saw here, but when I saw the nutella sitting in the pantry inspiration struck!

Make pancake batter as usual. Put it in the pan (not too hot!). Add a small dollop of nutella…

Nutella filled pancakesThen top with another dollop of pancake batter… when you turn it over no one will guess what’s hiding inside!

Nutella filled pancakesBut when you cut them open… oozy, chocolatey, yum!

Nutella filled pancakesNow that’s a new year breakfast!

Ive been working away on a couple of new crochet projects.  The first involves these squares…

Granny SquaresThe colours are inspired by the pretty dianthus growing at the edge of my vege garden…

Granny SquaresIve made all the squares, Ill update you soon on the outcome – hopefully in the next day or two… that’s if I like how it turns out of course!

Ive also been working on one of these using this gorgeous yarn.

YarnI adore the colours, but its been slow going andl isn’t growing as fast as I would like it to. Im not sure how much larger it needs to get, but Im pretty sure it will block out quite a lot and I dont want it to be huge… so maybe it too will be finished soon.

As for my resolutions for 2012… I have four:

1. Exercise more regularly. Since I have had my ankle injury exercise has gone right out the window. This year Im going to make a real effort to be active every day and go to yoga at least twice a week.

2. Buy less yarn.  Especially for undecided projects. Finish more projects, and don’t start new projects until Ive finished what Im working on (eek).

3. Paint and draw more. I love it, I have so many ideas, I just need to procrastinate less and actually do it more.

4. Create an outlet for my photography.  I LOVE taking photos. I take photos of everything. Everywhere I go my camera comes too, sometimes I take hundreds of photos a day. Rather than bore my lovely green dragonfly readers with extreme photographic posts, detailing whatever miniscule of life has caught my eye I have decided to create another blog which is just a place to profile the photos I take which dont relate to the things I blog about here (crochet, creativity at our place, my family and my beloved garden).  I mean really, who wants to see loads of photos of flowers, bees, leaves, or that interesting rock that’s on the path when I walk past? I’m interested, but most likely you aren’t.  If you do want to pop over and check it out (Ive posted a few shots already) you can find it here.

I hope 2012 is everything you hope it will be; exciting, sparkly and new, with the promise of unknown adventures. Janette xx

10 thoughts on “A new year begins

  1. stocki says:

    Chocolate pancakes?! Surely they are illegal! They look absolutely delicious…and a great first breakfast for the new year. Your little dianthus crochet squares are so pretty…I am looking forward to the ‘ta-dah’! I hadn’t seen that shawl pattern before – it looks a little beyond my own knitting skills….it will be beautiful. Good luck with the exercise…also on my list… my dog Freddie is very keen for me to succeed with that one. I shall pop over to your photographic blog now.. it sounds lovely. Have a good 1st day of the shiny new, new year :)x


  2. D'Ann Gayler says:

    Happy New Year. Thank you for the lovely pictures of Spring. It’s Winter here in Utah, USA, and it helps me put things into perspective to know there is Spring somewhere in the world.
    Your resolutions are alot like mine. Thanks for being an uplifting part of my day.


  3. Ana BC says:

    Happy New Year! I love your blog, and I will be checking your Photo blog too. Your pancakes made me hungry…I will have to try those delicious treats one day. And I can´t wait to see what you will do with the flower grannies.
    Keep the beautiful work!


  4. Sara says:

    Mmm… Those pancakes look delicious! Photography outlet is on my 2012 list as well. I use to take lots and lots of photos all the time. Seems as thing have gotten busier and busier I take less and less photos. And I have a really nice camera that I have never really learned to use… So I will be taking the 30 Days to Better Photos challenge and turning off the auto setting on my Nikon. Excited! Wishing you all the best in 2012 Janette.


  5. Juliab says:

    I have just received a request to make these pancakes after my daughter saw the photos of the nutella oozing out! That yarn certainly is gorgeous – what brand is it? All my favourite colours rolled into one ball. Good luck with the resolutions. x


  6. niasunset says:

    Happy New Year to you too dear Janette! Once again I want to say, I am so glad to meet with you, and with your blog! You have almost captured me with your amazing works and sharings… What a beautiful recipe this! My son, he will fall in love with this one! Thank you, thank you…
    Blessing and Happiness, with my love, nia


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