What happens when no one’s around to take a photo…

And you want to share one last ta da for 2011?

You take the photos yourself…

Easy crochet cardiEasy crochet cardiIt is of course another one of these, shorter in length and with cap sleeves for summer.  Im in love with the colour, even with my favourite orange tee… which probably wasn’t a combo I would have intentionally chosen.

These photos give you the added bonus of giving you a peek at my lovely camera… a Nikon 3100.  I adore this camera, it does everything I ask and more. Well except take photos without me attached to it – hmmm I wonder if I can get a remote to do that – trundles off to search the internet and find out…

Anyway Ill be back tomorrow, Im going to share a couple of other WIPs and some goals for 2012. Enjoy the last day of 2011! Jx

17 thoughts on “What happens when no one’s around to take a photo…

  1. Liz says:

    I love it…It looks exactly like mine! I’ve always heard great minds think alike. I also have a Nikon 3100. So it definitely must be true…hehe:)


  2. Sonia says:

    I love the colour!
    I know how it is to photograph solo too. No one here to help out! I had lots of fun earlier in the year trying to get a pic of a beanie on my head! (I gave up in the end. They all looked horrendous!!!) I also struggle to find suitable, pretty, artistic places to take photos in my little flat.
    Happy New Year xxx


  3. carine says:

    Have fun for new year eve. Happy new year 2012.
    First, you should buy a tripod and then either set the self-timer, ask your daughter to press the button, or buy the remote 🙂


  4. Faith says:

    My camera died on Christmas day, so I ended up taking fuzzy ones on my video camera instead, what a disappointment! I need to figure something out as I love to be able to take pics of the kids, especially over the hols.

    All the very best for 2012 – I feel excited and challenged which I think is a good way to feel at the beginning of a new year!


  5. andrewplacephotography says:

    Getting inspiration when there is no models etc around to help achieve your vision is sometimes hard, I love what you’ve done and the colours are great. I am glad you like your Nikon, I love mine and take one of them everywhere.
    Happy New Year


  6. Joanne says:

    That cardigan looks great, I love the capped sleeves and the orange t-shirt really shows off the stitches and the wonderful purple.
    I dropped hints for a Nikon for Christmas but they must have fallen on deaf ears, as there wasn’t one in my stocking!
    I hope you and your family have a wonderful New Years eve and a sparkling 2012 xxxx


  7. KatiesCameraBlog says:

    I love these images, Janette. 🙂 You look adorable. The cardigan is great also. 🙂 And I hear good things about the D3100. With that camera and your eye, you’ll have continued great success.

    All the best of the new year to you! 🙂


  8. Juliab says:

    Oooh, exciting! I have already bought some yarn to make one of those cardigans for 2012 – now, do I make a long sleeved or cap sleeved version? Have a wonderful new year. xx


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